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Udon Noodles

I love udon noodles but don’t have them often as I cant have a lot of carbs anymore. So this was a treat for me. This post will show different ways to use them. Often I serve them with Thai oyster sauce, chili, garlic, and sesame oil. This time I did a little different to use up ingredients in fridge and pantry. Tip : Thai Oyster Sauce is not as salty as Chinese oyster sauce and can be found at any Asian supermarket. Often Asian Sauces are a lot cheaper at the Asian supermarkets can be less than half price.

Hoisin & Garlic udon noodles











Meal 1: Hoisin & Garlic Udon Chicken Recipe: 

Serves 1 main or 2 entrée

1/2 qty Grass Fed Beef Mince Base #2

1 Five Taste Hoisin & Garlic Paste Pot

100g Chicken tenders

1Tb  peanut oil

1/2 Packet Udon noodles

1/2 cup Frozen Stir Fry Asian Vegetables


Cook Base #2 then add remaining ingredients and stir fry until vegetables are cooked through

Serve Hot .

Meal 2: Beef Chow Mein Recipe: Serves 2 Mains

Beef Chow Mein for recipe

Chow Mein Beef