Bean Salads: #1 & #2

Bean salads are substitutes for meat for me and a great filler. Can be used with other meats, fish, prawns, poultry or on its own as a stand alone salad. Great if you have to take a dish to friends and its a little different than the normal salad that everyone brings. I have since found organic bean tins and tins with salt reduced. I always rinse the beans before using so it doesn’t have the brine they are preserved in.

Bean salad #1

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Steamed Fish & Vegepod Cucumber

I went out to the vegepod today and discovered there were 2 cucumbers ready for harvest. My Chives in the herb pot were also ready. Steaming fish in microwave is quick and easy but a healthy way to cook fish.

Steamed Fish with Vegepod Cucumber and Chives from herb pot








Ingredients serves 1

150g Basa Fillet boneless skinless

1 Chive Stalk

1/2 Cucumber from vegepod

1 Ring Pineapple

3 Slices of Pineapple

1 handful Coral Lettuce


Steam the fish in microwave steamer for 6 minutes (If defrosted or 10min if frozen)

Slice cucumber and assemble on plate with other salad ingredients