Cook with Barb: Menu 5

Cook with Barb : Menu 5

Todays menu is using up the other Caesar salad

Breakfast is a recipe I learnt in school that makes A Hawaiian Pizza Muffin which became a family favourite for many years.

The dinners were on special this week for less $2.50 hense why I decided to do these. Continue reading

Cook with Barb: Menu 4

Cook with Barb: Menu 4

Lighter meals for this menu but plenty variety.

Using up some of the BBQ Chicken that I got this week from foodworks

Looking forward to the dinner on this one.

Lunch was inspired by a meal I used to get in hospital. It has been a favourite ever since. Continue reading

Cook with Barb: Menu 3

Cook with Barb: Menu 3

I bought a pre-packed Caesar salad for 2 meals and added my own variations so see recipes.

I am not a huge fan of cereal or carbs in morning but there is only a little amount of cereal so I thought I would try it.

I am also planning on doing costings for each meal to show how cheap they are to eat healthy meals so stay tuned for that.

I did find my portions had gotten a little out of whack and it was through Lite N’ Easy program menu last week that helped me get back on track with them this week. Continue reading

Cook with Barb: Menu Plan #1

Cook with Barb: Menu 1

After completing Lite N’ Easy Meals for the past week as a trial I have decided to get back into doing my own to compare costs re cooking for one. Meals were great and I loved the convenience of not having to cook and meals were $20.50 a day total for 3 mains and 2 snacks.

Well today I decided to give it a go and compare. I came in under the weekly amount for 7 days meals, 2 snacks and 3 mains a day. $88.53 total weeks meals. Freezer dinners were chosen as a comparison as they are very similar to what you get on the program portion size.

Some of the breakfasts and lunches are my versions of what I had last week. I was even able to find snacks almost identical to what I was given last week so used them as inspirations for these next 7 days menu plans for 1 person.

If there is a recipe I made I will include it as well on here. Continue reading