Lite N’ Easy Summer Menu Week B

1200 Calories 7 day Menu B

1200 Calories 7 day Menu B

Week completed all meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks 1200 Calorie Plan with Lite N’ Easy and I loved all the meals.

So much variety and never hungry. When you first get the box the portions look so minute compared to other plans

you truly don’t need a bigger serve. Continue reading

Cook with Barb: Menu 6

Cook with Barb : Menu 6

Todays Menu uses up things from the start of the week such as the quinoa brown rice & BBQ Chicken Breast.

Frozen vegetables are a handy thing to have and I measure them out into half cup serving sizes in zip lock bags

then you have 1 bag per serve. You can get 5-6 serves from one 500g bag.

Raisin toast can also be frozen in zip lock bags in individual serves.

The dinner was prepared at the start of the week and frozen.

All the meals this week were prepared at the start of the week and put into containers with lids then into a bag with each days meals

Took me 3hours total to get all the serves done but they are ready to just grab and go. Continue reading

Cook with Barb: Menu 5

Cook with Barb : Menu 5

Todays menu is using up the other Caesar salad

Breakfast is a recipe I learnt in school that makes A Hawaiian Pizza Muffin which became a family favourite for many years.

The dinners were on special this week for less $2.50 hense why I decided to do these. Continue reading

Cook with Barb: Menu 3

Cook with Barb: Menu 3

I bought a pre-packed Caesar salad for 2 meals and added my own variations so see recipes.

I am not a huge fan of cereal or carbs in morning but there is only a little amount of cereal so I thought I would try it.

I am also planning on doing costings for each meal to show how cheap they are to eat healthy meals so stay tuned for that.

I did find my portions had gotten a little out of whack and it was through Lite N’ Easy program menu last week that helped me get back on track with them this week. Continue reading

Pre-Bought : Coles Caesar Salad

Coles Caesar Salad

Coles premade caesar salad serves 2

Easy Salad to not have to fuss over

Just empty contents of the bag and sachet of dressing ,

sachet of parmesan shaves, sachet of croutons,

sachet of bacon into the cos lettuce and mix.

Options : Add

1/ Baked Potato

2/ Boiled Egg

3/ BBQ Chicken