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Lettuce Wraps:Bento Soy Minced Beef

Bento Soy is a Japanese soy which I don’t use very often but wanted to team it with mushrooms and minced beef. So here is the lovely combinations. Not many flavours to contend with but worked well. Loved this one and so did hubby. Will be making it again. Its a lettuce wrap or san choi bau type dish but with Japanese flavours instead of Chinese.

Bento Soy, grassfed beef mince lettuce wraps

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Asian : Five Taste Pots

Five Taste Pots have all natural ingredients and the most authentic I have found for packaged curries and Asian seasonings. I use them all the time. I do other dishes with their  red or green curry, Thai chili and basil, Vietnamese lemongrass and ginger, Chinese hoisin, massamaum paste. Directions are on the packets to make meal a breeze. Not much to add except meat and vegetables. Follow directions on packet. I often swap the chicken for pork or prawns for something different and it makes a nice change from chicken. The red and green curry have coconut milk added. Other stir-fries are Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese all in the same pots. I found them in Coles and Woolworths.

Thai Green Curry

Five Taste Pot : Thai Green Curry Chicken










Thai Chili Basil Pork Stir-fry

Green curry w red & brown rice













Ingredients Serves 2

300g poultry/red meat/fish/prawns

1 cup steamed vegetables *You can double it to 2 cups if you like your veges

1 Five Taste pot

*Add rice if you want to .

Tip: I use the rice pouches for microwave 90seconds and its done. I get 4 serves from 1 pouch