Q & A

What do I like to cook?

Most cuisines, but in recent years its mainly a mix of asian or creating a healthier version of traditional or recipe I can do a makeover on. .

What age did I begin to Cook? 

Aged 12, My first year in high school I began to cook, then came home and asked mum if I could try some recipes out on the family and it grew from there. We were a family of 8 back then.

What is my favourite food/meal? 

BBQ Chicken and hot chips, Pork Ribs,  Roast Lamb or Roast Pork, Steamed fish or Prawns and more recently Vietnamese cuisine. I also love Salads and Soups as weird as that is. My tastes have changed over the years.

What is my least favourite food? 

Passionfruit, Lambs fry

Do I eat Desserts/Snacks? 

Yes – Fruit with yogurt or waffles with maple syrup and berries

dark chocolate (I love over 80% cocao chocolate and anything with Mint).

Snacks  include crackers with almond butter or cheese, nuts, bliss balls, chips but am learning to make my own healthier vege chips.

What do I drink ? 

kombucha, Herbal teas, Mount franklin water, Coconut water

What is my typical Breakfast ? 

Usually a salad or hot breakfast, as I am not cereal and toast type person. Sometimes its a serve of leftovers. I try to have protein in the morning as it fills me up and keeps me going until lunch time.

What do I take on car trips? 

Snack type food eg nuts, crackers, paleo bars or bliss balls I often make my own, fruit

wraps i have made ahead of time or a salad in container.

If we stay in motels or camping I precook all meals before getting there and are carried in camping fridge in takeout containers or zip lock bags then I just reheat when we get there. It saves me a lot of time and I am not tied to the kitchen and get to do other things. I also take salad ingredients to make each day.

What is my latest food adventure? 

Konjac noodles or rice as they are very low carb but filling. I replace them in recipes where there is noodles or rice, They come in lasagne sheets, fettucine, angel hair pasta, pasta, spaghetti or rice.

Organic vegetables and grass fed meat, sustainable fish & seafood, antibiotic free chicken