Week 1 Desserts

I don’t often do desserts anymore. I found that having fruit at night increases the blood sugar levels by morning. So I am trying to find other things I can have. Sometimes its just 1 square of 90-95% Lindt Cacao Chocolate. Any dessert Recipes for this week can be found at Recipes #1 Page.

Week 1 Dinners

Dinners: most are meals that can be prepared in advance and reheated in microwave. Recipes are found at  Recipes Week 1 Dinner here.

Week 1 Lunches

Lunches can be hot or cold. Sometimes its leftovers that need to be used. Recipes can be found at Recipes Week 1 Lunches 

Week 1 Breakfasts

Breakfasts for me are not the normal cereal and toast as I cant digest them first thing of the morning. I also have recently found if I have protein in the morning I go a lot longer during the day until lunch without needing snacks between meals.

2020 Meals and Recipes by Cook with Barb

Welcome to a New Year. New Recipes and Ideas are coming soon. I will continue to post daily but they will not be a #day post but rather in Weekly posts. Eg Week 1 Breakfasts, Week 1 Lunches, Week 1 Dinners, Week 1 Snacks and Week 1 Desserts. Each year I clear my boards to…