Day #129

Pan cooked Steak, American bbq sauce (tastes identical to the sauce with ribs at hogs breath cafe I found at Coles), sweet potato crinkles, straight Cut oven baked chips, homemade organic slaw

Breakfast platter for one #4 for a busy day to keep me going until lunch Continue reading “Day #129”

Soups: New

Organic Purple & Yellow carrot soup with chicken bone broth, celery, onion, rosemary, garlic

Day #127

My breakfast: everything is organic: mixed salad leaves, golden beets, rosemary & garlic with purple carrots, roasted capsicum, parsley and goats cheese

Hubby had Curried sausages and egg with garden salad for his breakfast today. (Sorry but I didn’t get Photo)

This week we are mixing things up a bit and having our dinner at lunch and a lighter dinner later. Continue reading “Day #127”

Aldi Organic bread

Aldi had two different organic bread kits so this is my first try at one. It baked well but cracked a little when cutting a couple of slices as it was still warm

follow directions on packet. No egg required but you need to add sparkling mineral water, apple cider vinegar and oil to the dry mix. Then just mix together put in lined loaf tin, bake according to direction on packet