Soup: Tom Yum #1

I have had requested to remake this for study dinner from a couple of people. This is my original recipe from 2016

Tom Yum #1











Ingredients serves 20 ($0.90/serve)

3  cups free range chicken stock

5 slices galangal chopped

1 Tb lemongrass paste

4 kaffir lime leaves

200g mushrooms sliced

4 tomatoes chopped

2 large carrot

1 cup green beans

1 pk baby corn spears cut in half

3 Tb fish sauce

2 Tb Tom yum paste

2 Tb red curry paste

1lime juiced

* garnish: coriander and birds eye chilli and minty add as much as you like just before serving or serve


chop ingredients to same size not too small still want chunky vegetables

add all to pot except garnish

bring to boil then low simmer until vegetables are Just cooked through not mushy

taste adjust seasoning (if need be might need a bit more lime or fish sauce but don’t go overboard)

Serve with garnish.


Salad: 21 serves

Study catering for 19- side  dish to go with lasagne. my version of Israeli pearl cous cous salad – I couldn’t get tricolour pearl cous cous which would be better. This salad can be served with seafood, red meat or poultry as other options. (I kept 2 serves for hubby and I)

Israeli Pearl cous cous Salad serves 20










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Smoothie mug #3

Place all ingredients except toppings (coconut seeds cashews) in blender and blitz until smooth

pour into mug and decorate

Smoothie mug#3; blueberries,merjoola dates, lactose free milk, lactose free cream, yogurt, beet powder, coconut, mixed seeds, cashews

Smoothie bowls/mugs

i haven’t done smoothie bowl for a while but will be doing more. A great way to get fruit and veg into you and fills you up.  See my previous smoothie posts for these recipes.

Smoothie Mug #1

Smoothie Bowl #1

Smoothie mug #3


My quick meal or to grab and take with you. See previous posts for full recipes

Berries & Apple, mixed nuts and seeds, organic yogurt, 100%maple syrup

Orange, blueberries, organic yogurt, vanilla extract, chia seeds, 100% maple syrup, shredded coconut, walnuts

Dessert raw cheesecakes in jars

berries and nuts w organic low fat Greek yogurt

berries and nuts w organic low fat Greek yogurt

Breakfast greek yogurt, berry seed and nut


W mixed nuts and seeds, mixed berries yogurt

Chicken Dinner

Easy dinner precooked and frozen. leftovers make a easy dinner. Leftover roast vegetables from Foodworks, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, pan fried chicken, lite supreme mushroom gravy (see sauces posted this week)

Chicken dinner with mushroom gravy

English muffin

This was inspired by First Place For Health recipe.

Serves 1

1 English muffin toasted

1ts logical margarine

2 slices pastrami

homemade tarragon slaw : 1 slice cabbage,1 /4 carrot, 1/2 green shallot,  1tsp kewpie mayo.

2 tomato slices

light pinch black pepper



toast muffin and spread with margarine

make slaw cut cabbage very thin , julienne carrot, slice shallot and mix together with mayo

cut tomato slices

place pastrami on bottom of muffin, top with slaw.

add tomato then sprinkle with pepper and place top of muffin on top.

Pastrami tarragon slaw