My Food Journey

Hi there, Welcome to my blog.

I began cooking when I was 12 years old and have continued ever since.

Over the years I have had many ups and downs with my weight and health issues have seen me do different diets to try to get the weight off.

In my battle with my weight I have kept a food journal since the year 2000. This is how my blog began as I would take photos of the meals and recipes I created and put them on the blog so I could later refer back to them for my food tracker. The site has grown since then into my own personal recipes/cookbook/blog.

The recipes and photos are my own unless stated otherwise.

I have found that having support with my weight journey through health professionals and online weight loss support programs a God send. I like most people have days where I don’t choose the better option for my body but I do strive most days to do the next right thing and glorify God through my food choices. Food is just food. We eat to live not live to eat as some might do. We need food to nourish our bodies just like putting fuel into a car to make it go, food is our fuel to make our bodies go. We have a daily choice to fill it with healthy or unhealthy choices.

I have also experienced  chronic health issues and its not a fun way to live life.

I have a long way still to go weight wise but I am getting there. I have been both anorexic and obese so I know both sides of extremes of  starvation and excess food as well as being normal weight.

Along with food choices we also need to exercise for our physical health, aerobically, flexibility and strength exercise on a daily and weekly basis. The new studies show that even 10 minutes x 3 times a day with exercise can dramatically change a persons health.  And a drop in 10% weigh loss can also benefit the bodies joints and mobility and heart and lung function.

Our bodies are made up of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Health. God tells us in the bible that our bodies are his temple where the Holy Spirit lives and dwells and I choose to make my physical body as healthy as I can to do Gods work he has called me to do. Spiritual health is just as important as mental and emotional to make the body have a balanced lifestyle. Without each part the body is not whole and complete. We need all 4 sides to function properly.

I love to cook and create recipes and am a qualified commercial caterer, and  although I don’t do that for a paid career, I am able to offer healthy options when I do catering through the church activities I am involved in on a voluntary basis.

So this blog was set up to highlight my food choices and a place to put my recipes and photos I have created.

I did have a separate blog with eating out at restaurants with my review of the meals and photos I choose but this year I decided to combine the two into 1 blog. I have found that eating out sends me backwards as most meals have more salt or fat than I am use to making myself and as a result my body fills with fluid as it retains the salt. Even with the healthy choices when eating out and meal delivery kits/programs do the same so this is why I began cooking every meal. I still do eat out on vacation or date nights but am finding my body isn’t agreeing with it, so I have to revert back to making my own meals. Its a daily struggle to get the balance right.

Lets face it we all have days where we don’t want to cook. Yes even me! but I have also learnt that pre-planning is the key. If you can make a extra serve of a meal and freeze it then on the nights you don’t want to cook, you simply reheat it in microwave for 2 minutes and dinner is done.

How many do I cook for ? In the beginning it was 8 of us in my family, then when I got married and had my own children we were a family of 5. Now there is just 2 of us and sometimes its a meal for 1. If I do catering its usually for 15-25 although on the odd occasion I have catered for up to 100.

I often hear cooking for 1 is a hassle and yes I can relate to that too as I have been there myself,  but there again if you make healthy choices and cook say 2-3 choices you can cook more serves eg if a recipe is for 2-4 and you rotate them then you have 2-3 weeks worth done in one go. Non-cook meals are easily achieved with salads or wraps or sandwiches, Breakfast can be a cooked egg in microwave for 1-2 minutes or jars with yogurt, fruit, nuts, seeds to go if your on the road a lot. It takes very little time to prepare.

Things I love to cook with : Oven, Microwave, a slow cooker or pressure cooker or soup maker or outdoor bbq.

New recipes are added daily.

I have my old photos of past years meals at pinterest.

Each year on December 31st,  I clear the boards on this blog to make way for the next years recipes.

If you have tried any of my recipes please feel free to give feedback via the comments section.

Enjoy and come back soon.