Stir Fry Vegepod Vegetables

Bulgogi beef and pork with vegepod tatsoi, garden fresh broccolini and coriander from herb pot

I had some pulled pork and beef left over from a week ago and added bulgogi marinade to it. I got fresh Tatsoi and broccolini from my garden and coriander from herb pot. I added celery and carrot to make the meal complete. Stir fry for 3minutes until meat is heated through.

Vegepod Autumn Fresh

My Vegepod is going really well at the moment. I have had tomatoes and lots of greens including rocket, kale, spinach, mesclun, Asian greens bok choy and Tatsoi, Mixed lettuces, Beets, Basil, Curly Parsley,  Cucumbers, Mini Strawberries and coming up is carrots, baby capsicums, radish, daikon. I am wanting to revamp it with winter seeds but as yet waiting for some tomatoes to ripen before I redo the pod.

In my other garden bed I have some broccoli and zucchini, green and red chilies, jalapenos growing.

Herb pots have : Mint, Coriander, Chives, Parsley, Thai Basil


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Soups: pho gai

I love pho soup and I found in Asian shop Pho Gai stock for soup so I made it today. Its a one pot dish.   In Thai Cooking Gai = Chicken and  Pho is pronounced phur.

Pho Gai











Ingredients serves 2

1 Pho Gai Stock Cube

3 Cups Water

1 Handful of each : Vegepod Asian Greens Tatsoi, Bok Choy,

1 Green Shallots,

1 handful of each  from vegepod/herb pot: Basil, Mint, Parsley.

2 chicken breast,

1/2 cake vermicelli noodles cooked,

2 nori sheet


Place chicken and stock in water in saucepan and simmer until chicken almost cooked

then add remaining ingredients except herbs and nori to pot. Simmer for 1-2 minutes

to lightly cook the greens. Refresh Vermicelli in warm water in a separate bowl and add

to serving bowl in middle. Top with remaining ingredients and herbs.

Autumn Meals

This weeks Meal plan is getting back into the swing of cooking after being away.

Breakfast: Two minute noodles. Toss the seasoning sachet in bin, make your own









Cook together BBQ at home vegepod fresh salad and herbs Lunch: Hubby cooked on the BBQ gluten free snags, onion, baby potato in foil, I did the salad with vegepod tomatoes, cucumber, basil, parsley. Added mixed leaves, capsicum, celery, carrot, Lite French dressing












Hubby’s Turn to Cook : Pizza See separate Recipe Post




Breakfast vegepod rocket burger

Fresh from vegepod homegrown  rocket for a great breakfast start to the weekend.

Vegepod rocket, avocado, free range egg, mayo, smoked salmon on wholemeal English muffin












Ingredients serves 2

2 free range eggs

2 wholemeal English muffins

50g smoked salmon

1 avocado

1tb mayo

1 handful rocket fresh from vegepod


Cook the egg in egg ring in non stick skillet with cooking spray

Split and Toast the english muffin then spread with mayo.

Top with rocket and sliced avocado.

Place salmon on other half and top with cooked egg then sandwich together.

Breakfast: this weeks breakfast

This week I am making more effort to cook meals at home rather than eat out. Hubby is on holidays so its tempting to just go out and enjoy eating out but I am aware that I don’t know how meals are prepared and calories can increase as well as sodium if I am not careful which then has a adverse affect with my health issues. I came back from 3 day weekend with what I thought were healthy meals out to find a 3kg gain. 

Italian Sausages, Onion, Egg, Vegepod Tomato & Avocado

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