Toasted Sandwhich & Soup

Lazy Sunday night dinner on a cold rainy night. This toasted sandwich was cooked in sandwich press. 2 slices wholemeal bread, 1 slice lactose free cheese, 1 slice soccerball ham, 1 tsp yellow pickles, 1 handful mesclun served with condensed tomato soup, herbed croutons and lactose free cream.

Toasted sandwich with tomato soup

Toasted sandwiches

Assorted toasted turkey sandwiches cooked in toaster oven then cut in half shared each sandwich with hubby. Served with hot homemade soup.

  1. Turkey, cranberry sauce and Parmesan
  2. turkey, cranberry sauce and lactose free cheese slice
  3. turkey, cranberry sauce and kimchi (loved this the best one)
Turkey toasted sandwiches

Toasted sandwiches

I read online that toasties /toasted sandwiches have their own day this week celebrating the  toasted sandwich.

Turkey Avo Parmesan Toastie w garlic aioli
Turkey Parmesan Toastie with tomato sauce
Chicken supreme deli meat, avocado & lactose free cheese w tomato sauce
Cuicken supreme deli, avocado, pickled ginger, mixed leaves toasted sandwich served with kewpie mayo


Toasted Sandwiches

Toasted sandwiches in toaster oven for a quick meal . Great for any time of the day.

Toasted Sandwiches- Day 1 shown








Per Sandwich

Day 1 : as Listed below ,

Day 2: Same ingredients except omit Avocado and Mayo

Day 3 : Swap the turkey for chicken and lettuce for baby spinach. Add Pickled Ginger instead of mayo.

2 Slices Helga Low Carb Low GI Wholemeal Bread

2 Slices Tomato

15g Turkey Breast

1 Cos Lettuce leaf

1 Liddles Lactose Free Cheese Slice

1/2 Avocado Mashed or Sliced

1tsp Kewpie Mayo



Place 1 slice Bread on toaster oven (oven not on until sandwich assembled)

top with Lettuce, Kewpie, tomato, avocado, turkey breast

place 2nd slice on top and press sandwich maker together

turn on and cook until green light comes on.

Remove and slice in half

*Optional can be served with 1tb tomato sauce

Spinach and chicken – Day 3