Groceries from shop during covid-19

  • Leave non perishable items outside for 3 days
  • Wash your hands and cloth with spray disinfectant/soap. Have a unclean area and a clean area
  • Put groceries on unclean area
  • Wipe down all sides of packets/jars/bottles/tins/longlife items
  • Empty thigs like bread into container get rid and of plastic bag with it came in
  • Wash all fresh vegetables in soapy water includes fruit then wash soap off
  • If buying takeout empty out if container onto clean plate get rid of the wrapper
  • All wrappers out in bin including bags shopping came in
  • Sanitise all benches


  • Empty your pantry – organise the items by their useby date – oldest items at the front and items you just purchased at back when restocking
  • Do same with freezer and fridge
  • Plan menu
  • fast meal prep ahead – group ingredient together for a meal – eg chop up fresh Vegetables and put into ziplock bag separately with meat in separate ziplock bag then place together in a container and label the meal and what needs to be added- cook and cool and put into lid tight container in fridge for rice/pasta/couscous. simple reheat when cooking rest.
  • Breakfast (oats/yogurt and berries/eggs) or mason salad jars can be made ahead for the week in fridge
  • Soups /slow cook meals/casseroles/roasts can all be made ahead and stored in takeout containers w lids
  • English Muffin  breakfast cover with baking paper then put in zip lock bags and freeze for days ahead eg bacon and egg, ham and cheese etc then reheat in sandwich press or Microwave o n a microwave plate for 30sec-1min.
  • Make dinner at start of day then reheat at dinner at 3min microwave
  • Wraps/rice paper rolls if you dont have bread or just make it on a plate without wrap/bread

My Tip of the week

This week’s tip is..

  • Wrap lettuce and celery individually in foil when you get it home from the supermarket. It will keep crisp and fresh for a couple of weeks. Store it in the crisper drawer.


  • Place a dry paper towel in mixed leaves or bagged salad when you get it home. It will keep pre-packed salad items for a bit longer


  • If you have too many fresh herbs either freeze them in zip lock bags, or put in ice cube tray with water/oil and freeze then add cube to cooking when need them


  • If you don’t have roast rack that fits in slow cooker use foil balls to sit roast on


    • Foil rack for roast