Soup: Basic plus Variations

It’s beginning to get colder and I love to make soups for fillers between meals or to have as a meal itself. Here are some basic and quick recipes to make . Serves 6-8.  *Tip these “base ingredients” can also be used as a starter for stir fries just leave out the stock but then add green shallots, curry, chili, Asian sauces, Meat, Fish, Seafood, Poultry or Asian vegetables (such as wombok, bok choy, water chestnuts, baby corn spears, bean sprouts )and serve on its own or with rice or quinoa

Soup Base Ingredients 

2 Carrots diced

2 celery stalks diced

1 onion diced

2 garlic cloves diced

1cm piece ginger diced

1 Cup Chicken Stock (or bone broth if avail)

Light Pinch Sea-Salt

Light pinch White Pepper


Dice ingredients then add to soup maker with choice of variations then press smooth for smooth soup, chunky for chunky or blend to just blend.  *Make sure stock is up to the min or max line on soup maker.

If you don’t have a soup maker it can be done in a pot on stove until vegetables are cooked and tender then put in blender and blitz until thick.

Variations to add to base ingredients 

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup: 1 leek, 400g organic tomatoes crushed, 1/4 cabbage sliced finely, 1 cup green beans, options to add : passatta or pasta sauce, cleaver’s organic hotdogs

Pumpkin Soup with Parsley

Pumpkin Soup with parsley : 1/2 butternut pumpkin, 1 pouch salt reduced tomato paste, 15g butter diced, Garnish Parsley Flakes

Sweet potato and pumkin curry soup

Sweet potato and pumpkin curry soup: 1/4 butternut pumpkin diced, 1 sweet potato diced, 1tsp curry powder keens, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1/2ts tarragon, 15g organic butter diced , Garnish Fresh Coriander

Different Ways with Vegetables

Stir Fry, Salads, Slaw, Steamed, Sautéed, Roasted, skewers, Pickled, Slow cooked






Cauliflower : Steamed, Sautéed, Roasted, Make into Mash or Replace rice with Cauli rice . Nice with bacon, onions, Brussel sprouts, Stir-fry’s, Garlic, Chili -deseeded and de-skinned, Ginger, mustard seeds also go well with Cauli, Curries, Gratin, Pizza or Wrap base










Broccoli: Steamed, Roasted, Season with sea-Salt and pepper. Add beef, pancetta, chicken, turkey. Stir-fry, Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Ginger, Chili de-skinned and deseeded, Curries, Dijon, Gratin, pizza or wrap base

Mash:  (Crème Fraiche or coconut milk with cooked Vegetables in blender) Can add leek, onion, shallots, Sea-salt and black pepper.  Types of Mash Beetroot, Carrot, Sweet potato, Parsnip, Cauliflower

Carrot, Celery & Onions: Options include add to other vegetables, Meat, Poultry or Fish, Coconut Milk, Curry Powder, Coconut Aminos. You can also pickle or make them into salad, or crudités or skewers with meat, or for stews/slow cooking
Carrot : Steamed, Baked, Make into chips, soups, stir fries, Crudités, salad and slaws
Celery : Sautéed, Mix w Aioli or mayo or chicken or tuna in lettuce wrap, crudités, soup, stir fries, char grilled on bbq, Add bacon to celery, or walnuts and apples, salads with radish.
Onions : sautéed, fried, baked, slow cooked, stir fried, salads and slaws
Soup Base – Sauté Carrot, Celery, Onion, Then add for soup base organic bone-broth or stock , herbs, Sea-salt and Black Pepper.

Mushrooms complete with Butter, garlic, sage, thyme, mint, bacon or prosciutto, coconut aminos, ginger, spinach or kale. Make into a Strog or bolognaise sauce, or gravy, With Eggs in a Omelette or frittata










Wombok/Asian Cabbage – Asian Slaw or Chow Mein (*No noodles), Chicken or Beef Thai salad

Red/Green Cabbage : make into Slaws, Sautéed w onion, garlic and organic butter, Gluten Free oyster, Garlic, Ginger, Chili deseeded and de-skinned, Egg, Green Shallots, Salads or as a replacement for noodles in broths

Miso Soups:

My new love is miso soups. I am now discovering new ways to have miso soup not just the instant packet but adding to it. With the packets you add I pouch of contents into a cup of boiling water and stir for a couple of minutes if having them on their own.  I took some camping with me for a hot drink/snack. Here are some variations on just the soup and the packets I have found. If there is Nori Sheets it sinks to the bottom. The pandaroo brand has lot more sodium so I will be sticking to the other brands.






Miso Soup with Nori

Miso soup With Bean Curd









Aka Miso Soup with Shallots, Japanese Onion, Nori, Wokka 99%Fat Free Ramen Noodles, Salmon Fillet, Mirin








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Quick Soups Homemade

Its getting into soup weather as we are now in autumn here. With very few ingredients you can create healthy soups with not much time spent in kitchen. I love my soup maker which makes everything so quick 20 minutes and its done. You could also use the pressure cooker as most have a soup setting on them these days.

Mushroom Soup

Ingredients serves 4

1x Pouch Foddmap Chicken Stock

1 Onion cut into 1cm cubes

3 baby carrots (or 1 large) chopped into 1cm pieces

2 Stalks celery cut into 1cm pieced

4 large mushrooms chopped into quarters

light twist sea-salt shaker

light pinch white pepper


Place all into soup maker and press blend. let machine do it’s work.

Curry Cauliflower Soup











Ingredients serves 4 

1/4 Cauliflower head break florets into half

1 onion cut into 1cm cubes

3 garlic cloves chipped

1tsp fresh ginger chopped

1tsp curry powder (keens)

1tsp cumin

1tsp coriander seed

1/2 Container Woolworth’s organic chicken stock

Pinch sea-salt and black pepper


Place all in soup maker and press smooth setting. It cooks in 20minutes.


Using up what is leftover this week as I don’t have to cook much as I still have some Pete Evans Ready Made Meals and his simmer sauce range left for dinners. So breakfast and lunches will be whatever is in fridge, pantry, freezer (see also box meals). My New Find last week was a kaleslaw kit from Coles which came complete with dressing and nuts/seeds and the slaw. Healthy low in salt meal kit. Add meat fish/seafood or poultry to it with 4 generous serves.


Cleaver honey beef Chipolatas with Coles Kaleslaw (Breakfast)


Bolognaise sauce

Hearty soup w chicken bone broth, fresh herbs

Portuguese chicken

Soups: pho gai

I love pho soup and I found in Asian shop Pho Gai stock for soup so I made it today. Its a one pot dish.   In Thai Cooking Gai = Chicken and  Pho is pronounced phur.

Pho Gai











Ingredients serves 2

1 Pho Gai Stock Cube

3 Cups Water

1 Handful of each : Vegepod Asian Greens Tatsoi, Bok Choy,

1 Green Shallots,

1 handful of each  from vegepod/herb pot: Basil, Mint, Parsley.

2 chicken breast,

1/2 cake vermicelli noodles cooked,

2 nori sheet


Place chicken and stock in water in saucepan and simmer until chicken almost cooked

then add remaining ingredients except herbs and nori to pot. Simmer for 1-2 minutes

to lightly cook the greens. Refresh Vermicelli in warm water in a separate bowl and add

to serving bowl in middle. Top with remaining ingredients and herbs.


Here i am enjoying this bowl of chicken noodle soup when the weather is a  boiling hot 30*c day outside. I used pho gai stock cube, 2 min wholegrain noodles without seasoning sachet, fresh mint basil coriander from herb pots and aldi chicken deli meat. Soo good

Pho Gai


Dumpling soup

I put Frozen dumplings in a pot with fodmap chicken stock,  fresh ginger and lite soy boiling with dumplings for 10minutes on low heat then serve with spring onions. A great quick soup for me. 

Pork and chive dumpling with homemade ginger soy stock with fodmap gluten free chicken stock



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