Dessert shots:

These can be dessert, breakfast or snack cups. Layered desserts as listed. Shot glass disposal used served with plastic spoon. These shot glasses come with plastic lids.

1/ almonds, yogurt, frozen mixed berries, yogurt, chia seed

2/ walnut, yogurt, peach, yogurt

3/ macadamia, yogurt, fresh raspberries, yogurt, fresh raspberries, coconut

4/ chocolate mousse

5/ jelly shot

Dessert cups

My Bliss Balls

Paleo bliss balls are a great healthy snack. I decided to give it a go and make my own. Really good! To my surprise I had all the ingredients available in stock and used what I had. You could use other combinations such as coconut and dried apricots, cacao and nuts just to name a few. They remind me of the fruit balls I used to make with weetbix and sweetened condensed milk. These are much healthier as all natural ingredients..


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