balsamic beet chipolatas

Wholemeal spaghetti, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, onion,  beetroot balsamic relish and chipolatas served with garlic bread

Chipolatas w spaghetti

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Sausages cooked 2 ways.

BBQ Sausage











On the BBq for lunch with onion and mushrooms with bbq or tomato sauce served with Vietnamese bread roll mixed leaves cucumber, tomatoe and kewpie mayo

BBQ Sauce with Curry Pan-fried sausages

BBQ Sauce w Curry









Panfried with carrot, onion, Mushrooms and bbq sauce with curry powder served with rice and kale

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Paleo Week : Breakfast

This week I am trying to get back into paleo meals and Pete Evans Meals and Sauces have arrived so I will be incorporating them into the menu.

Wild Brew Fermenting Co Ginger Kraut and Pink Kimchi with Gluten free sausages


Pink Kimchi

Ginger Kraut

Red Kimchi













Cleavers honey beef chipolatas, red kimchi, organic free range egg, mushrooms, rocket from vegepod


Breakfast : With Kimchi

Hubby still on vacation and had a lot of manual work to do today so I wanted to fuel him for the day. Todays breakfast fry up with kimchi was a nice full breakfast to keep me going until lunch time. Avocado is a good fat in small amounts along with the gut benefits of kimchi off to a great start. Fry in skillet with cooking spray, egg, tomato & Italian sausage with onion.

Breakfast fry up with kimchi

Breakfast: this weeks breakfast

This week I am making more effort to cook meals at home rather than eat out. Hubby is on holidays so its tempting to just go out and enjoy eating out but I am aware that I don’t know how meals are prepared and calories can increase as well as sodium if I am not careful which then has a adverse affect with my health issues. I came back from 3 day weekend with what I thought were healthy meals out to find a 3kg gain. 

Italian Sausages, Onion, Egg, Vegepod Tomato & Avocado

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prep done for a healthy breakfast tomorrow  before a very early start. All cooked in non stick skillet with 1Tb  oil. I will just reheat in microwave 2min in the morning. 

Breakfast prep done


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Paelo Dinner


Cleavers Beef Sausages

Hubby’s turn to cook and we had a BBQ . He cooked the Cleavers Organic Beef Sausages on the BBQ which were very nice . A Simple dinner but paleo friendly. For me it was a filling dinner. Hubby said he didn’t need anything else added to the meal as it satisfied him. Continue reading