Homemade honey mustard sauce

Homemade honey mustard sauce

Ingredients serves 2

1/2 Tb mother’s earth apple cider vinegar,

2Tb  kewpie Mayo,

2Tb Dijon mustard,

1/2 tsp yellow mustard powder,

1Tb organic honey,

light pinch  sea-salt,

light pinch pepper,

light pinch smoked paprika.



Mix all ingredients together.

Serve in ramekin on the side.

great hot or cold.

Serve with chicken or grass fed steak or vegetables.

Dinner #74


Often dishes call for cheese sauce and it’s not easy on keto, paleo or Lectin free diets to do this. I found a certified organic flour in supermarket so I am experimenting with it at the moment.  Here is my cheese sauce. You can use it for things like lasagne, Mornay,  mac n cheese or baked vegetables. You can add it to Konjac noodles to make pasta dishes. Continue reading “Dinner #74”