Hubbys turn to cook

💕 loved this dinner.

Perfectly cooked steamed barramundi fish fillet (cook for 10 minutes fish is frozen (6-7min if thawed) in microwave steamer) with lemon caper garlic and butter sauce (on stovetop in saucepan), steamed green  beans (cooked in microwave bowl for 3 minutes) and cooked Alfredo according to direction on packet (stovetop method).

Learning how to cook meals

Chicken Dinner

Easy dinner precooked and frozen. leftovers make a easy dinner. Leftover roast vegetables from Foodworks, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, pan fried chicken, lite supreme mushroom gravy (see sauces posted this week)

Chicken dinner with mushroom gravy


new gravies I made pure experimentation and they worked


Beef juices from cooking steak, horseradish cream, Dijon, lite supreme gravy powder, water

Chicken supreme with mint sauce and Dijon added to juices of cooking chicken