Chicken Dinner

Easy dinner precooked and frozen. leftovers make a easy dinner. Leftover roast vegetables from Foodworks, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, pan fried chicken, lite supreme mushroom gravy (see sauces posted this week)

Chicken dinner with mushroom gravy


new gravies I made pure experimentation and they worked


Beef juices from cooking steak, horseradish cream, Dijon, lite supreme gravy powder, water

Chicken supreme with mint sauce and Dijon added to juices of cooking chicken

Chinese: Sweet n Sour Sauce

I decided to make my own sauce from scratch and love it. Tastes like the real deal. I didn’t have pineapple juice so it would make it a little better if I did. None the less this one is very close to traditional Chinese dishes.

Chinese Sweet n Sour Sauce

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Indonesian Sate: Kuah Sate #2

Sate is common in Indonesia but is poured after the sate has been arranged on a dish or is served in individual small bowls , one for each person who then dips the skewer of sate in the bowl before eating it. This is my adapted version of the Kuah Sate #2 Spiced Peanut Sauce (*it is not the original recipe so I have adapted it to what I had available which is very close to original)

Kuah Sate#2

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Sauce: Japanese tonkatsu

My healthier version of a Japanese dipping sauce made from 3tb tomato sauce (salt reduced),2tb gluten free tamari, 1tb gltuen-free worcestershire, 1tsp organic raw sugar and its just mixed together and i baked some steggles turkey tenders crumbed with garlic and herbs. Traditional is served over apork crumbed cutlet similar to pork schnitzel

Tonkatsu sauce


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Sauces: Marinara

Homemade Marinara Sauce

Homemade marinara sauce is easy to do. I use organic tin tomatoes (Italian) then I add fennel seeds, garlic powder, thyme, parmesan dried, basil dried and mix together and store in mason jar with lid on, in fridge until needed.
Goes great with pasta, meatballs or as a lasagne base sauce.