Salmon Cakes

Salmon cake w sweet chili aioli, kale chips, steamed baby carrots, garlic mash

Recipe for Salmon Cakes from The Paleo Way 10 Week Program. I used frozen not canned salmon.

Baby Carrots are frozen vegetables cooked in microwave dish for 4 minutes on high

Mash Potato is instant mash with hot water and garlic added beaten until smooth mash

Sweet Chili Sauce mixed with garlic aioli

Kale chips see previous post

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Breakfast vegepod rocket burger

Fresh from vegepod homegrown  rocket for a great breakfast start to the weekend.

Vegepod rocket, avocado, free range egg, mayo, smoked salmon on wholemeal English muffin












Ingredients serves 2

2 free range eggs

2 wholemeal English muffins

50g smoked salmon

1 avocado

1tb mayo

1 handful rocket fresh from vegepod


Cook the egg in egg ring in non stick skillet with cooking spray

Split and Toast the english muffin then spread with mayo.

Top with rocket and sliced avocado.

Place salmon on other half and top with cooked egg then sandwich together.

Eggs: Organic Egg Herb Omelett

Straight out of the vegepod with some fresh herbs Basil, Mesclun and Chives from the pot. Love my vegepod. I have tomatoes growing at the moment that will be ready soon.

Organic Egg Herbed Omelette










Ingredients Serves 1

1 Organic Free Range Omelette

1 handful Basil from vegepod

1 handful chives from Pot

1 Handful of mesclun from vegepod

50g Smoked Tasmanian Salmon

2 drops literally coconut oil (just to coat the pan lightly)

Very Light pinch sea-salt and black pepper


To non stick skillet add the coconut oil and coat the pan with the oil (Clean your hands first then swish it around the pan)

Beat the egg then add to skillet

Tear the basil and chives to fit in the pan and scatter

Add sea-salt and pepper.

Cook on low until it starts to brown on bottom then flip

Serve with mesclun and roll the salmon and place on top of the mesclun


Smoked Salmon & Black Grape Salad

Trying to get omega 3 into me this week and smoked Tasmanian salmon was on special so I made this great salad. I haven’t seen seedless black grapes before so grabbed a bag too.

Smoked Salmon Salad with Black Grapes










Serves 1

3 Slices Smoked Tasmanian Salmon

1 Large stem of organic kale

9 Seedless black grapes

1 Vegepod Cucumber (Fresh from pod to plate)

2Tb leftover homemade mustard (see sauces)

1 1/2 Cherry Tomatoes



Take the kale off the stem and arrange kale on plate in circle.

( I will reuse the stem itself in vegepod to see if it will grow as I have been told organic vegetables can be replanted with their seeds or stems)

Use 3/4 cucumber in a peeler for strips of cucumber and arrange in a pile on centre of the plate

Cut remaining quarter of cucumber  in 3 chunks and scoop out the seeds (*Seeds can be dried and replanted)

Cut tomatoes in half and place 1/2 tomato in each of the cucumber chunks. Arrange on plate

Place 3 grapes between each of the chunks of cucumber.

Take each slice of salmon and carefully roll it then place it up on plate

Drizzle the mustard over the kale


Salads: salmon and fennel

Coles Supermarket has a free recipe magazine had this great recipe. So many good ones to choose from. They are tasty meals and quick to prepare. If you have a healthy pantry and fridge most items you should already have in stock.

Fennel and salmon

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Smoked salmon w mango plate

I love mangos and they were on special this week. So I made this yummy salad. I used my vegepod cucumber, red onion, and mixed leaves with smoked salmon and green shallots and arranged them on a plate. No cooking involved.

Mango & smoked salmon plate