Panko garlic schnitzel

Cooking together this meal was great knowing the salad was all homegrown from the vegepod. We made our own schnitzels too and cooked them in coconut oil. It made a double batch of chicken schnitzels so we have another meal and less mess to make.

Panko garlic schnitzel w chips and vegepod salad

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Seasoned chicken salad

Pan fried chicken seasoned with sea-salt and pepper cooked in extra virgin olive oil with garden salad (iceberg lettuce, organic cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, organic carrot, mushrooms) and pickled ginger and seedless grapes

Seasoned chicken and garden salad

Salad Bowls

At the start of the week I make up salad bowls for hubby’s work lunches. Some days I make the same with a bowl for myself. These are this weeks salads so far.

 Feb #1 Salad Bowl  (Mixed leaves with Carrot, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Seedless Black Grapes)


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Salads don’t need to be boring lettuce and tomato. Here are some that I use all the time. Great for a bring a dish and everyone loves them.

Mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, pitted olives, baby capsicum, cucumber

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Slaws: #1 Easy

Pete evans recipe in his latest paleo book had a similar one. This is my version of that as i changed it to what i had available. A tasty slaw that I will revert back to. You could add a dressing but I used lemon juice and didn’t need to add another dressing.

Summer slaw

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Bean Salads: #1 & #2

Bean salads are substitutes for meat for me and a great filler. Can be used with other meats, fish, prawns, poultry or on its own as a stand alone salad. Great if you have to take a dish to friends and its a little different than the normal salad that everyone brings. I have since found organic bean tins and tins with salt reduced. I always rinse the beans before using so it doesn’t have the brine they are preserved in.

Bean salad #1

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Smoked salmon w mango plate

Love mangos and they were on special this week. So i made this yummy salad. I used my vegepod cucumber, red onion, and mixed leaves with smoked salmon and green shallots and arranged them on a plate. No cooking involved.

Mango & smoked salmon plate

Salads: 3 ways

Same ingredients for 2 salads shown and one with dressing. The third salad similar ingredients but swapped olives for vegepod cucumber with different dressing

Base salad: Mixed leaves,  yellow tomato, red onion, celery, carrot, pitted olives.

No cucumber or salad dressing

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Fish cocktails not fried

Fish Cocktails, Sea Shanties and Chips are all cooked in the oven rather than saturated in oil in a deep fryer gives the same result without added fat. Yes they take a little longer to cook but has same great taste.  Team with tartare sauce or lemon wedges and garden salad or on their own with tartare/lemon/aioli or sweet chili sauce.

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