Side salads

Making sides to go with bbq . Fish, beef, chicken.

Balsamic beets with greek feta, spinach, walnuts, red onion and lemon juice


Asian salad : wombok, red cabbage, red onion, green shallot, carrot, corriander, asian dressing not shown

Different Ways with Vegetables

Stir Fry, Salads, Slaw, Steamed, Sautéed, Roasted, skewers, Pickled, Slow cooked






Cauliflower : Steamed, Sautéed, Roasted, Make into Mash or Replace rice with Cauli rice . Nice with bacon, onions, Brussel sprouts, Stir-fry’s, Garlic, Chili -deseeded and de-skinned, Ginger, mustard seeds also go well with Cauli, Curries, Gratin, Pizza or Wrap base










Broccoli: Steamed, Roasted, Season with sea-Salt and pepper. Add beef, pancetta, chicken, turkey. Stir-fry, Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Ginger, Chili de-skinned and deseeded, Curries, Dijon, Gratin, pizza or wrap base

Mash:  (Crème Fraiche or coconut milk with cooked Vegetables in blender) Can add leek, onion, shallots, Sea-salt and black pepper.  Types of Mash Beetroot, Carrot, Sweet potato, Parsnip, Cauliflower

Carrot, Celery & Onions: Options include add to other vegetables, Meat, Poultry or Fish, Coconut Milk, Curry Powder, Coconut Aminos. You can also pickle or make them into salad, or crudités or skewers with meat, or for stews/slow cooking
Carrot : Steamed, Baked, Make into chips, soups, stir fries, Crudités, salad and slaws
Celery : Sautéed, Mix w Aioli or mayo or chicken or tuna in lettuce wrap, crudités, soup, stir fries, char grilled on bbq, Add bacon to celery, or walnuts and apples, salads with radish.
Onions : sautéed, fried, baked, slow cooked, stir fried, salads and slaws
Soup Base – Sauté Carrot, Celery, Onion, Then add for soup base organic bone-broth or stock , herbs, Sea-salt and Black Pepper.

Mushrooms complete with Butter, garlic, sage, thyme, mint, bacon or prosciutto, coconut aminos, ginger, spinach or kale. Make into a Strog or bolognaise sauce, or gravy, With Eggs in a Omelette or frittata










Wombok/Asian Cabbage – Asian Slaw or Chow Mein (*No noodles), Chicken or Beef Thai salad

Red/Green Cabbage : make into Slaws, Sautéed w onion, garlic and organic butter, Gluten Free oyster, Garlic, Ginger, Chili deseeded and de-skinned, Egg, Green Shallots, Salads or as a replacement for noodles in broths

Portuguese chicken

Pan fried Portuguese chicken, microwave chips

Dinner for one. Using up ingredients in freezer & fridge before starting new eating plan and grocery day. This Portuguese marinade was very spicy hot as it was leftover from a previous meal a couple of months back (Chili gets hotter in cold fridge)but expiry date hadn’t come yet. So it was still good to use.





Serves 1

I marinated chicken in Portuguese sauce overnight then pan fried it in olive oil. Cut into chunks and serve in rice bowl

I put frozen straight cut chips in microwave bowl and cooked in microwave for 2min 30 seconds


Make side salad of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with lemon squeezed over top.

Duck Salad

I love it when something like duck breast is on sale and its a luxury I don’t normally have and I had it in the freezer waiting for the perfect day to cook it. Well today was that day.  This was a fantastic dish and I will be using the dressing again on other meat.

To cook duck: Pat dry skin then score then sprinkle with sea-salt, into medium heat pan skin side down for 5 minutes then turn and cook for 2 minutes. *Keep any fat for cooking potato or sauce. Transfer duck into warm oven dish that has been in the oven  Pre-heating (Heat oven 190*C) cook for 10minutes turn off heat and rest meat 5minutes before slicing into 5 slices. Arrange on top of salad and serve with dressing in ramekin.

To Make Salad : Add rocket, grapes, grana Padano flakes and cuke in bowl and toss then plate.

To make Sauce : heat saucepan that had duck in it with 1Tb of each balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup and cook until heated through then put into ramekin to serve.

Duck Salad with Balsamic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Maple Syrup Dressing

Red Seedless Grape Salad with Grana Padano Flakes, Vegepod Rocket, Cuke


Salad Box: Autumn #1

Salad box for hubby’s work lunch and he adds tuna and wrap to make it complete.

Autumn Salad Box #1
Ginger Kraut, Cherry tomatoes, Red Capsicum, Mushrooms, Lettuce and cucumber

Autumn Salads

As the weather is cooling down I don’t want to stop eating salads so here will be my latest post for salads in Autumn. Enjoy.

Autumn Salad: Vegepod cucumber picked this morning, tomato, lettuce, sliced black olives, green capsicum, Red onion, beetroot slices, French dressing and Aldi turkey Deli Meat

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