Homemade Peking Duck

I didn’t do the normal drying with fan step as It wasn’t a full duck and it  was still a tasty duck dish regardless. I did mine in stages in fridge which dried the skin out in a container with cling film over top. Not traditional but when in a hurry to do it was a good outcome.

Homemade peking duck and fried rice

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Away for 4day weekend for a wedding on a tight budget at the moment as unexpected expenses cropped up 2 days before leaving so decided to make own meals as we were able to get accommodation  with a kitchenette.  So here are the meals.

Five tastes chili and basil chicken stir fry with vegetables and quinoa/brown rice with mineral water with lemon

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Rices: which one to use?

There are many types of rice now available on the market. This list doesn’t cover all of them but its my go to ones I use regularly when having rice with dishes. I cook rice in absorption method where the water covers the rice (about 1 thumbnail above the raw rice) and cook in microwave for 10minutes.  Then don’t drain it just fluff it with a fork. The water absorbs into the rice hence its the absorption method of cooking it.

Tip: I have since watched a documentary last week on rice and whether its healthy to eat. The show highlighted the fact its ok but it needs to be rinsed overnight to remove the arsenic in it. Without soaking it first for a long time the arsenic is still in it. Once it is soaked overnight its ok to eat when its then drained and cooked.   Continue reading