Day #236

A friend of mine asked me to do keto with her to keep her accountable.

Breakfast: chicken salad used up leftovers before groceries arrived. BBQ chicken , mixed leaves with carrot, avocado and lite French dressing.

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Lunch #08: eat out at
Khao Mun Gai Tod – battered chicken with steamed garlic rice and sweet chilli sauce (was what they gave me) my actual photo

A trip to Sydney with a friend to see a show and lunch at . We ordered but what I asked for was different to what they gave me. It was still nice as we didn’t get time to wait for them to get right order made. The order was checked twice verbally but waitress spoke very little english and I even pointed to the photo and told her what number on menu it was. She still got it wrong.

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Dinner #05 : Cook with Andrew #01

Chefs choice rice paper rolls
Hotpot Chicken Curry with steamed Rice

Chefs Choice Restaurant Wollongong. This restaurant has been serving the Illawarra region for over 30yrs. Always great food, fast service and cheap eats. Total cost was $18 for our meal tonight. We got 1 entree : Fresh Rice paper rolls (3 rolls with sate sauce) and 1 small hotpot chicken curry which came with 1 cup rice. Complimentary chinese tea. We shared both dishes and were both amazed it filled us up and we didn’t need mains or dessert.