Roast Meals

Slow cooker  Roast Turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce,  mash roasted organic sweet potato, roasted low GI chat potato, carrot, green beans,  cauliflower

Turkey Roast leftovers – Turkey roast breast 1kg makes 4 serves  slow cooker 4hrs on foil with 1 cup water serve with turkey gravy & roast sweet potato  and chat potato & cranberry sauce, steamed vegetables (cauli, carrot, green beans, organic peas)

Slow cooker: roast turkey

Slow cooker 1kg from frozen 4hrs on high 

Roast turkey

Ingredients serves 5

  • 1kg gluten free Roast turkey
  • 1cup water

Equipment needed

  • Foil
  • Slow cooker with lid


  1. I don’t have a roasting rack or trivett that fits inside my slow cooker so i scrunched up foil into large balls to make a rack the roast can sit on.
  2. I added 1 cup water to bottom of cooker.
  3. I placed the turkey roast on top of the foil (The roast was already covered in foil packet it came in and I kept it wrapped in the foil packet. ).
  4. Put lid on slow cooker
  5. Plug cord into power and turn on slow cooker to high.
  6. At half way 2hr mark I turned it over.
  7. It took 4hours to cook from frozen to finish.
  8. A Moist turkey roast.
  9. Serve with roast/steam vegetables or salad or in a wrap or soup

Slow cooked roast turkey 1kg 4hrs on high