Saturday menu

Breakfast 1/2 lebanese wrap, roast capsicum dip, mixed leaves, tomato, lactose-free cheese, ham dijon

Lunch tomato sauce with thyme, basil, lactose-free cheese, Turkey meatball, crusty roll

Dinner mushroom and konjac fettucine (see recipe in separate post)

Open sandwich

Open sandwich #1

Spread 1 slice sourdough with 1tsp avocado dip, slice cheese on diagonal then place opposite sides of the slice, top with sliced tomatoe, fresh basil and sprinkle black pepper on top. Optional: drizzle 1tsp balsamic vinegar on top

Open sandwich #2

Fry egg in egg ring in non stick skillet with cooking spray. Cook to your liking. Spread 1 slice sourdough with 1tsp avocado dip, place rgg on top, sprinkle over 1tsp crumbled feta, and light pinch black pepper. Optional: drizzle 1tsp oyster sauce on top of egg.

Serve as individual meals or together for lunch.

Open sandwich #3

  • 1 slice sourdough
  • 1 handful Baby spinach
  • 1 squirt Kewpie mayo
  • 2 Tomato slices
  • Light grind Black pepper
  • 1/4 Avocado
  • Drizzle balsamic

Open sandwhich #4

  • 1 slice sourdough
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1 slice smoked salmon rolled
  • 1tsp feta crumbled
  • 1/2 tsp lactose-free cream cheese

Tuesday’s menu

Breakfast: Roast turkey thigh, organic vegetables: english spinach, carrot, tomatoe, cucumber with Ranch dressing, Lebanese bread

Lunch hubby took ham salad with mini quiches to work.

I had the following: leftovers parma with tarragon slaw

Dinner Roast Turkey Dinner, roast vegetables

Thursday’s menu

Breakfast: see separate post for recipe

Lunch 1/2 serve leftover chicken & Leek sauce (see recipe in separate post)

Afternoon cook vegetable pie on microwave plate for 2 minutes in microwave then top with tomato sauce

Dinner : pork stirfry in plumb sauce (see separate post for recipe) with basmati rice

Sunday’s menu

Hubby’s birthday bfst

I had just the english muffin, he had the lot

Layers from bottom to top : Cocao nut crumb, Yogurt, black seedless grapes, yogurt, weetbix crumbs


Mc donalds mcfeast for me

We shared the nuggets, I didn’t have the fries

Hubbys lunch

Dinner requested by bday boy meatloaf and roast vegetables

We were glad lockdown restrictions were eased so we had bday Dinner with our eldest and his fiance

Birthday cake

My menu today