Breakfast in 2minutes

2 minute breakfast











Omelette with toast serves 1

1 organic free range egg

1med button mushroom

2 cherry tomato

1 slice low carb bread toasted

1tb proactive margarine


black pepper

salt reduced tomato sauce



beat at egg in ramekin,slice mushroom and tomato add to egg. Season lightly with sea-salt and black pepper. Microwave for 1min 20 second on high

meanwhile cook toast and spread with margarine.

Place cooked omelette on top of toast. Squirt sauce on top.

Chicken and vegetable Pie and chips

I don’t often buy pies but decided to try these chicken and vegetable pies with steamed vegetables and oven baked chips for a quick meal. Very nice pies and were baked with the straight cut chips in preheated 180*c oven for 25 minutes. Steamed the vegetables in microwave on the vegetables setting.

Four n twenty chicken and vegetable pie with oven baked chips