Indian Feast #6

Another Indian Feast with using a bought tikka spice paste which was lovely and delivered on the Mild. I made my own chapatti with organic flour and water and mixed it then kneaded then rested it then shape into balls then flatten with rolling pin and lastly cook in non stick skillet until dots appear. I repeated the curry cauli vegetables recipe I used last time. Made a new raita with added mint. I still had leftover beet relish that we used up.

Curry Cauli & Vegetables

Homemade Chapati with Organic Flour

Homemade Mint Raita used Greek Yogurt, lemon juice, garlic and mint with cucumber

Tikka Chicken using Spice Paste

Quick Prawns Breakfast

Not the normal breakfast but was running late and had to quickly grab a prepped meal. Steamed Broccolini with Mixed Leaves and Grilled Capsicum leftover with Prawns.

Prawn with Broccolini and grilled Capsicum (prep box)

Weekend Meals

This weekend I was trying to stay on track but got a little hungrier than normal so there were other things eg this miso soup to fill in the gaps between meals which would be a meal in itself.

Saturday Breakfast :

Snack : Miso Soup with Nori

Sat Lunch : Cleavers beef hotdogs

Sat Dinner : Peter Evans Simmer Sauce Thai Green Curry Chicken served with Brown Rice & Fresh Red chilies

Sunday  Breakfast : The other half of this.

Lunch: Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Meal Italian Meatballs.

Dinner: Mexican Mince & Beans (*Shown 4 serves 2 for dinner tonight and 2 for tomorrow lunch)

Cleavers Hot Dogs

Cleavers Beef Hot Dogs are a good quick fix. They cook 6 minutes in microwave and are organic grass fed beef hotdogs.

Cleavers hotdogs with Pink Kimchi and bbq sauce on soy/linseed bread