Turkey Meatloaf

Good old meatloaf made with 500g turkey mince, 1 organic egg, 1 carrot diced, 1 stalk celery diced , 1/2 onion diced, 2Tb breadcrumbs, 1Tb tomato sauce mix together in bowl and place into muffin tray, brush tops with 1Tb bbq sauce and bake preheat oven 180*c 30min. Makes 4 mini loaves. Steam potato in microwave steamer 6min, steam beans in microwave 3min.

Turkey meatloaf with steamed potato and green beans served with BBQ sauce

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Savory mince on toast

Weekend hot breakfast for cold morning.

Savory mince on toast

Serves 2

1 Onion,1 stalk celery, 1large carrot,  250g beef mince, 1tsp parsley, 1 minced garlic clove, 1tb worcestershire sauce, 1tb tomato sauce,1-2tb  water. Cooked in frypan with 1tsp olive oil and 1tsp butter until mince is cooked through scraping brown caramelized bits in pan and cartots just tender. Served on soy & lindseed toast

Mexican Beans and Grass Fed Organic Mince

This dish was using up 2 serves of Pete Evans Simmer Sauce Spaghetti Bolognaise (Grass fed Organic Beef Mince with added carrot, onion, celery to Petes Simmer sauce jar)  to which I then added drained kidney beans, black beans, Corn, Cumin, Mexican Chili and Coriander and mushrooms.

Mexican Beans & Mince

Family Favourites: Mum’s Shepherds Pie

We were on cooking together and I wanted hubby to choose some dishes to make. This was one his mum (and mine) used to make all the time growing up.  I have adapted it only slightly to fit with both versions from both mums and what I had at time of cooking eg lactose free milk which normally be full cream milk.

Mums Shepherd Pie











Ingredients serves 2

250g Mince Beef

1/2 Onion Diced

1 clove Garlic Crushed

1/2 Cup of Each : Corn, Peas, Carrot, Zucchini diced, celery, green beans

1 beef stock cube (*Use bone broth if you have it)

1 cup water

1Tb Worcestershire sauce

1Tb Tomato Paste (Salt Reduced)

1TB Plain Flour

1Tb Tomato Sauce (salt reduced)

Instant Mash potato for the top: 

1/2 Packet Edgells Instant Mash

3TB Water Boiling Hot

2Tb Milk Lactose free.

(*Alternatively can use sweet potato then mash it)

Mix together with a fork


1Tb Grated Cheese



Place onion, garlic and mince in saucepan and cook for 2-3minutes to brown mince

then add remaining ingredients for the meat part. Cook until mince is cooked through

and vegetables are tender.

Evenly distribute mix between 2 ramekins

Make Instant mash by combining all the ingredients together for the mash

Divide in half and place half in dobs on top of the meat mixture

Sprinkle over the cheese

Grill for 5-6 minutes until cheese melts and browns top or place in

oven for 10minutes 180*c until it browns.

Enjoy on its own or with a green side salad


Away for 4day weekend for a wedding on a tight budget at the moment as unexpected expenses cropped up 2 days before leaving so decided to make own meals as we were able to get accommodation  with a kitchenette.  So here are the meals.

Five tastes chili and basil chicken stir fry with vegetables and quinoa/brown rice with mineral water with lemon

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Grass Fed Beef Mince #1 Base

Using Grass Fed Beef Mince for different meals . Out of 2x 500g packs of mince I got 4 meals. see recipes below. These are also paleo recipes that I revert back to. The shaxo xing cooking wine may not be paleo. I didn’t have any red wine which is usually in the recipe. It is also the base for bolognaise sauce.

Grass Fed Beef Mince #1


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