My meals this week

This week hubby had to prep for a procedure so I have done my own menu.

Chickos seafood supreme salad large = 4 serves


Chickos tabouleh for wraps (4 serves)

Foodworks pork roast

Chicken and veg

Indian mixed entree

Prawn stirfry w jasmine

Steamed fish rice and pumpkin w bbq sauce

Gf chicken sausages, steamed veg , bbq sauce

Chicken with steamed beans, pumpkin, potato

Gluten free roll w chicken supreme, cos, cranberry sauce and kewpie mayo

Omelette with vegetables

Gf chicken sausages with broccoli steamed potato and pumpkin with bbq sauce

hubby’s Modified meals

hubby’s modified meals this next week due to medical procedure prep.


mon:  toast, tea no milk plus 1 /2 litre clear fluids

tues: egg on toast , tea no milk plus 1/2 litre clear fluids

wed: no food /clear fluids (lemon jelly, clear chicken soup broth only, Gatorade lemon, lemaonaide)

thur: nil by mouth

fri; normal meals


Afternoon tea mon : egg on white toast

Afternoon tea tues: lemonade ice lock

Lunch Mon/Tues same as dinners

A: Steamed fish with lemon, white rice, pumpkin plus 1 Ltr clear fluids



B: Steamed chicken, potato, pumpkin plus 1ltr clear fluids
















wed:  same as breakfast

thurs: nil by mouth

fri: light meal

Friday: Chicken , potato, pumpkin, green beans










Dinners this week:

mon: 1/2 litre clear fluids plus same as lunch A: plus lemon jelly, melon plate (without seeds)

tues: 1/2 litre clear fluids plus same as B: lunch plus mango jelly, melon plate (without seeds)

wed: limited clear fluids

thurs: same as fri light meal ( without the clear fluids)

fri: light meal

Meals this week

A family emergency this week so meals were grab and run out door food. Sorry not all photos done.


Mon: see Thursday

Tues brunch: subway meatball footlong withlop the lot on wheat and aioli

Wed: straight cut chips frozen cooked in microwave 2min with tomato sauce

Thurs: Bowl meal: leftover Bulgogi Pork, rice, broccoli fresh from garden, carrots  (x 2 different days)

Fri: none

Salad to go

Sat: salad bowl bbq chicken avocado cucumber broccolini kale cherry tomato carrot

sun: gluten free sausages, mushroom gravy, potato and pumpkin

Gf sausages and mushroom gravy












Mon: Gluten free black rice wrap with bbq chicken, kewpie,lettuce

Tues: see breakfast

Wed: salad bowls to take with us: fresh kale from vegepod, cucumber, prawns or bbq chicken, avocado, cherry tomato, carrot and light French dressing ( 2 diff days)

Salad to go










Fri: Homemade fried rice

Sat: same as wed.

Sun: gf udon noodles w pad thai chicken homemade sauce recipe on noodles packet










Mon: sausages with steamed vegetables

Tues: McDonalds mcfeast value meal

wed: toasted sandwiches :turkey deli, kewpie, lettuce

Thurs: Oven baked yum cha with sweet Chili sauce, five tastes shot lemongrass chicken w Asian frozen vegetables and cooked jasmine rice

Fri: Steamed sweet potato mash, green beans, leftover chicken and prawns, Thai oyster sauce

Sat: gluten free sausages with mushrooms, lite supreme gravy, steamed pumpkin, potato

Gf sausages and mushroom gravy











Sun: Gluten-free chicken sausages with steamed  broccoli, pumpkin, potato

Meals this week

Meals this week most were prepared ahead of the day.

Foodworks BBQ Chicken served with steamed vegetables and grandma honey sauce #2

Thai Lemongrass Chicken and Baked Spring Rolls and Mini Dim Sims

Turkey Roast w Steam Veg and Grandmas Honey Sauce #2










Roast Turkey and maple mint jus










Kalbi beef w rice bok choy











Eat Out : at Hello Harry- the burger joint. I got the Gluten Free Texan Brisket with Apple Slaw. (Review at )

Spice Taylor – Basa  Indian  Goan Curry Hot with Basmati Rice











This weekend I have a 90th birthday afternoon tea see catering recipes

Meals this week

Short cooking time this week as I got prep done and froze meals so its just a matter of reheating this week.

Foodworks pork meal deal picked this up on special $4.95

Bento Box 2018 – Gochujang soyu chicken

Salmon cake w sweet chili aioli, kale chips, steamed baby carrots, garlic mash

Vegetable Baked Bean Soup with Gluten-Free wheat-free Pasta *see previous winter soup post for recipes

Curry chicken coconut soup

Winter bowl #1 gochujang and soyu soy chicken bowl

Bok choy w thai oyster sauce panfried chicken breast fillet pickled ginger and rice

Chinese Curry beef w rice


Meals this Week

This weeks Meals. I did all the prep earlier and sorted into serving/portion sizes in individual containers. Then it just needs to be cooked or baked in oven.

Day 1: Steak, Vegetables and Chips










Day 4: Vegetable Base Soup with Sausages



Day 5: Moussaka my version with what I had available at time of cooking : Lamb mince, carrot, onion, celery, Mint, Eggplant, Organic Zucchini, Tomato Sauce, Lactose free cheese serve with garden salad

Day 6: Seeded Wholegrain Mustard & homemade Mushroom Sauce, Chicken Breast Fillets and Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Pasta and lactose free cheese