Meals this week

Meals this week most were prepared ahead of the day.

Foodworks BBQ Chicken served with steamed vegetables and grandma honey sauce #2











Thai Lemongrass Chicken and Baked Spring Rolls and Mini Dim Sims









Turkey Roast w Steam Veg and Grandmas Honey Sauce #2











Eat Out : at Hello Harry- the burger joint. I got the Gluten Free Texan Brisket with Apple Slaw.

Kalbi Beef with Salad with Jasmine Rice

Basa with Spice Taylor Indian Goan Curry Hot with Basmati Rice

this weekend I have a 90th birthday afternoon tea to help cater for so will show recipes at the catering blog click on link page at top of the blog for the recipes.

Meals this week

Short cooking time this week as I got prep done and froze meals so its just a matter of reheating this week.

Foodworks pork meal deal picked this up on special $4.95

Bento Box 2018 – Gochujang soyu chicken

Salmon cake w sweet chili aioli, kale chips, steamed baby carrots, garlic mash

Vegetable Baked Bean Soup with Gluten-Free wheat-free Pasta *see previous winter soup post for recipes

Curry chicken coconut soup

Winter bowl #1 gochujang and soyu soy chicken bowl

Bok choy w thai oyster sauce panfried chicken breast fillet pickled ginger and rice

Chinese Curry beef w rice


Meals this Week

This weeks Meals. I did all the prep earlier and sorted into serving/portion sizes in individual containers. Then it just needs to be cooked or baked in oven.

Day 1: Steak, Vegetables and Chips










Day 4: Vegetable Base Soup with Sausages



Day 5: Moussaka my version with what I had available at time of cooking : Lamb mince, carrot, onion, celery, Mint, Eggplant, Organic Zucchini, Tomato Sauce, Lactose free cheese serve with garden salad

Day 6: Seeded Wholegrain Mustard & homemade Mushroom Sauce, Chicken Breast Fillets and Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Pasta and lactose free cheese


Meals this week

I have reverted back to some old recipes I use to make all the time but I have updated them to a healthier versions.

Chicken Sausage with homemade mushroom sauce (organic flour, bone broth, mushrooms, organic butter, garlic, lactose free milk) served with steamed baby carrots and steamed greens

Turkey shepherds pie no mash

Grass-fed beef stroganoff with Gluten-free/wheat-free pasta and steam green beans no cream used lactose free milk for the creaminess












Chinese Lemon Sauce (Lemon juice & zest, rice flour, honey, water)

Sweet n sour sauce (kepjap manis, tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar, chicken bone broth, raw sugar, pineapple juice, arrowroot powder, water, shoux xing cooking wine ) w chicken breast, carrot,celery, onion, capsicum, green shallot, pineapple. Seeved with spring rolls baked in oven served with sweet chili sauce


Winter : week 1

Food prep couldn’t be simpler this week. Freezer meat and veg. Frozen vegetables are snap frozen so a quick 2 1/2-3 minutes in microwave and they are done. Meat takes about 10minutes to cook or steam fish in microwave 6minutes . Photo done after prep no meals are cooked here except bolognaise

Winter Week 1 Prep










Sausages with homemade bbq sauce, mash, mixed greens










Steam fish coconut tumeric rice steam veg sate sauce










Pork Stir Fry










Pete Evans Bolognaise Simmer Sauce









Quick Meals: Meat Pie and Chips with Garden Salad