Day #141

Breakfast using up freezer items – not AIP or Lectin free or Paleo or keto friendly but it’s the last of it. Some weeks It’s hard staying on track at times but I am slowly getting back into it.

Oven baked chicken pie and chips cooked in microwave

Lunch: My “flower garden

(Macadamia pinenut pesto leftovers, purple carrot purée leftover, orange capsicum, cherry tomato, cucumber, pitted dates, celery, red grapes, smoked salmon, ranch, coriander)

Dinner: My “campfire steak “ dinner for 2

( roasted turnip, green shallot, sauté leek, zucchini chain and balls, yellow and purple carrot and carrot tops, yellow beet, yellow mini capsicum, rainbow chard, ranch, Dijon, lamb steak with sea salt and pepper) Photo #1 vegetables plated, Photo #2 with lamb