Lasagna w franks with Caesar w tomatoes and cucumber

Paleo bbq sauce slow cooker pulled pork w mixed leaves carrot and cucumber











Paleo BBQ Pulled Pork Kebab made to take away on weekend trip

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Homemade pulled pork kebab

Crabing kebabs but made my oen using leftover slow cooked pulled pork w paleo bbq sauce. Here i added Lebanese bread, kewpie mayo, lettuce, tomato cucumber and  onion then top w the sauce then pulled pork. Fold ends in and roll. Wrap in foil then cook in sandwich maker until light goes green. Enjoy. Have plenty napkins or paper towel ready to mop up juices.

Homemade kebab

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Baked fish

Using up the carbs, so i made jasmine rice into fried rice with fresh garlic, fresh ginger, fresh chili, green shallot and gluten free soy and egg. Cooked in skillet until rice heated through.  Fish was cooked in  oven on foil lined tray for 25min @180*c. Served with sweet chili sauce.

Baked fish w fried rice and yum cha and sweet chili sauce 


Leftover turkey Patties with  frozen Mixed Vegetables (cooked in microwave on high for 4 minutes. ) served with Chip Potato Mash (Blend frozen chips with chicken stock in blender) heat for 2-3 minutes. Reheat patties for 2-3 minutes. Serve with Sweet Chili Sauce