Lamb slow cooked

slow cooker on low for 4hours.  Used cleavers lamb butterfly roast. Serve with vegetable of your choice baked or steamed.

Slow cooker lamb roast & vegetables

Lamb slow roast with pumpkin, potato, cauliflower, broccoli, Sweet potato and mint sauce



Eggplant and Beet Lamb Stack

I wanted to experiment with eggplant and flavours to go with it so teamed up this little beauty for brunch.

Eggplant Beet Stack











Serves 1


5 Slices Eggplant

5 Slices Beetroot (buy organic raw beet and cut by me)

3 Baby Mushrooms

3 slices tomato

50g lamb steak

2 Rings Red Onion

1Tb Balsamic Vinegar



Cook lamb in non stick skillet to your liking (I didn’t even add oil to pan) then remove from pan and rest

In skillet add eggplant, beetroot, mushrooms, tomato, onion and cook until eggplant is done and others are soft

Assemble on plate with eggplant first in a flower shape then top with beetroot and mushrooms between the eggplant.

Top middle with tomato slices and then place lamb on top with onions

Drizzle the balsamic around the stack .


Lamb roast easy way

I recently bought roast lamb on bone and decided to speed up the process of cooking it buy slicing it into steak size pieces and pan frying it in olive oil on stove. Steamed peas and pumpkin in microwave 4min on high. Made a mint jus w pan scrapings added fresh mint from herb pot growing and added organic apple cider vinegar.

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Lamb & Veg

I love lamb and don’t have it often as I cant have a lot of red meat.

It can be served with so many different vegetables or salads .

I use lemon as seasoning for the lamb and vegetables just to change it up a bit.


Lamb with homemade mint sauce, bean salad, zucchini, mushrooms, lemon for vege

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