Cook with Hubby

Hubby’s turn to cook. He did a genius thing! Cooked rissoles in sandwich press which cooked them to perfection on both sides and they were not dried out. Served with Mixed leave, Tomatoes from vegepod, Sliced black Olives  and salad dressing, Tomato sauce for the rissoles “sauce”. Soo good.

Sandwich Press Rissoles and Salad

Turkey Lasagne w Garden Salad

Hoisin pork stifry with spring rolls w sweet chili sauce

Hubbys dishes

Hubby cooked these recently when it was his turn to cook. He is a great cook and I have loved all his meals. Simple dishes but so good. Meat and Veg are on the menu or Fish and veg.

Pan-fried Steak with Steamed Broccoli and peas and cauliflower











Steamed Fish cooked in microwave steamer for 6 minutes Unfrozen(10 minutes if frozen) and Mixed Vegetables with Lemon Juice

Baked fish & chips cooked in oven for 20minutes in preheated oven 180*C served with Steamed Vegetables and Lemon Juice

Pan-Fried Five taste chili basil stirfry chicken & Vegetables with Microwave 90second pouch Brown Rice/Quinoa

Steak mushroom sauce (*See barbs sauces) served with steam veg and baked oven chip

Homemade Pizza by hubby

Homemade pizza for cold rainy night made by hubby

Andrew Pizza #2











Ingredients per pizza /1 per person 

1 Lebanese bread

1tb Bbq sauce

2 button Mushrooms sliced

1/2 Onion

100g Chicken

1/8 Capsicum

3 Cherry tomatoes halved

1Tb Olives

6 slices Jalapeño

50g – 3 Cheeses mixed


Preheat oven

Chop ingredients the same size

Spread sauce on base then top with ingredients sprinkled evenly over base

Cooked in 180*c oven for 20min on round baking tray

Holiday Meals Autumn

Hubby still on holidays so meals are more relaxed than normal. This weeks meals will include easy to prepare meals. 

One Pot Soup: Zucchini, Carrot, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Cooked pasta and Steamed chicken, Pasta Sauce, Tomato Soup Reduced Salt

Vegetable chicken pasta soup


Cook with Hubby: breakfast











Free Range Egg with Soy and Linseed  toast and gluten free bacon 

Tip : Bacon cooked on sandwich press while eggs were cooking as it cooks bacon on both sides

Lunch: Breville Sandwiches











Breville Sandwiches serves 1

1 slice turkey deli meat,

1/2 tomato sliced,

light pinch black pepper,

1 slice lactose free cheese slice

2 slices Helga Soy & Linseed Bread.

Make sandwich and coat breville maker with cooking spray

then Cook in breville maker until light goes green


Away for 4day weekend for a wedding on a tight budget at the moment as unexpected expenses cropped up 2 days before leaving so decided to make own meals as we were able to get accommodation  with a kitchenette.  So here are the meals.

Five tastes chili and basil chicken stir fry with vegetables and quinoa/brown rice with mineral water with lemon

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