Roast Pork in Romesco Sauce

Using up the Romesco Sauce and teamed with pork is a definite winner. Lovely combination with Pink Kimchi and Almonds Crushed with fresh herbs from herb Pots with a drizzle of Mothers Earth Apple Cider Vinegar.

Roast Pork with Romesco Sauce, Pink Kimchi and Crushed Almonds with Fresh Herbs













Ingredients serves 1 

1 Slice Roast Pork Foodworks (*Use organic pork for paleo)

1Tb Mothers Earth Apple Cider Vinegar

2Tb Romesco Sauce Homemade

1 Handful Almonds Crushed (with skins on) (*you could use activated almonds for paleo)

1tsp Fresh Mint

1tsp Fresh flat Leaf Parsley

1Tb Wild Brew Fermenting Co. Pink Kimchi


Reheat Pork in non stick skillet until warm on both sides then cut into 3 triangles

Spread Romesco sauce on plate and reheat in microwave for 1 minute

Crush Almonds in mortar and pestle until fine crumbs appear and sprinkle around edge of sauce

Place pork triangles in centre of plate and sprinkle apple cider vinegar on top of the pork.

Top with mint on each piece

Place kimchi in middle of plate and add parsley on top.

TIP : I got Roast Pork already cooked and sliced in Foodworks (3 slices in vacuumed pack bag which saved a lot of work).

Eggs: Organic Egg Herb Omelett

Straight out of the vegepod with some fresh herbs Basil, Mesclun and Chives from the pot. Love my vegepod. I have tomatoes growing at the moment that will be ready soon.

Organic Egg Herbed Omelette










Ingredients Serves 1

1 Organic Free Range Omelette

1 handful Basil from vegepod

1 handful chives from Pot

1 Handful of mesclun from vegepod

50g Smoked Tasmanian Salmon

2 drops literally coconut oil (just to coat the pan lightly)

Very Light pinch sea-salt and black pepper


To non stick skillet add the coconut oil and coat the pan with the oil (Clean your hands first then swish it around the pan)

Beat the egg then add to skillet

Tear the basil and chives to fit in the pan and scatter

Add sea-salt and pepper.

Cook on low until it starts to brown on bottom then flip

Serve with mesclun and roll the salmon and place on top of the mesclun


Sauces: Mint Sauce

I grew the mint myself.  Goes great with lamb or pork or turkey. I also add it to salads now instead of other dressings. It has become my new favourite.

Homemade Mint Sauce











Ingredients serves 1 jar

6-8 capfuls of apple cider vinegar  (mothers earth)

2tsp raw sugar

4tsp brown sugar

1 Handful Fresh Mint Leaves from herb pot


Simmer until sugar dissolves.

Allow it to cool off the heat.

Tear mint leaves off stems and place in jar.

Add cooled vinegar to mint and put lid on jar and shake well.

Keep in fridge.