Gluten-free wraps, burritos

2/ Gluten free tortilla wrap: lettuce, avocado, kewpie, pickled ginger, chicken supreme deli, mango chutney

GF tortilla









1/Gluten free black rice or seeded wraps : Using up burrito seasoning sachet, chicken breast, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, cos lettuce with burger cheese slices.

Gluten free wraps with chicken burrito

Gluten-free pizza

This was a bought gluten free pizza and I served it with mixed vegetables with lite dressing. It is the same pizza as catering for 20 in previous post. This time I used lite French dressing on the cooked nightshade free vegetables and steamed in microwave until they were cooked through.

GF Pizza

Gf frankfurter

I found gluten-free skinless frankfurter in the shops. These were left over from catering on the weekend. They cook 1minute in microwave or from frozen on auto reheat serve w bbq sauce or tomato sauce

Gluten-free skinless frankfurter

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Gluten free pizza base

Gluten free pizza base vegetables topping(onion capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms, bbq sauce)

Garlic low gi low carb bread

Vegepod rocket parmesan lemon juice

Paleo Week : Breakfast

This week I am trying to get back into paleo meals and Pete Evans Meals and Sauces have arrived so I will be incorporating them into the menu.

Wild Brew Fermenting Co Ginger Kraut and Pink Kimchi with Gluten free sausages


Pink Kimchi

Ginger Kraut

Red Kimchi













Cleavers honey beef chipolatas, red kimchi, organic free range egg, mushrooms, rocket from vegepod


Toasted Sandwiches

Using up the last of the gluten free Bread here is a quick lunch using other leftovers I had to use up. Photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a lot nicer than it looks.

Gluten free Bread toasted with Leftover Slow cooker beef brisket & Quinoa Tabouleh