Smoked Salmon & Black Grape Salad

Trying to get omega 3 into me this week and smoked Tasmanian salmon was on special so I made this great salad. I haven’t seen seedless black grapes before so grabbed a bag too.

Smoked Salmon Salad with Black Grapes










Serves 1

3 Slices Smoked Tasmanian Salmon

1 Large stem of organic kale

9 Seedless black grapes

1 Vegepod Cucumber (Fresh from pod to plate)

2Tb leftover homemade mustard (see sauces)

1 1/2 Cherry Tomatoes



Take the kale off the stem and arrange kale on plate in circle.

( I will reuse the stem itself in vegepod to see if it will grow as I have been told organic vegetables can be replanted with their seeds or stems)

Use 3/4 cucumber in a peeler for strips of cucumber and arrange in a pile on centre of the plate

Cut remaining quarter of cucumber  in 3 chunks and scoop out the seeds (*Seeds can be dried and replanted)

Cut tomatoes in half and place 1/2 tomato in each of the cucumber chunks. Arrange on plate

Place 3 grapes between each of the chunks of cucumber.

Take each slice of salmon and carefully roll it then place it up on plate

Drizzle the mustard over the kale