Autumn cool day

A quick breakfast for a cold autumn day. Simply split muffin apart and toast it in toaster then spread with margarine then peanut then jam. I serve mine with a hot cup of earl grey tea which has lactose free milk and 1tsp raw sugar.

Wholemeal English Muffin w proactive margarine, peanut butter and organic strawberry jam

Breakfast vegepod rocket burger

Fresh from vegepod homegrown  rocket for a great breakfast start to the weekend.

Vegepod rocket, avocado, free range egg, mayo, smoked salmon on wholemeal English muffin












Ingredients serves 2

2 free range eggs

2 wholemeal English muffins

50g smoked salmon

1 avocado

1tb mayo

1 handful rocket fresh from vegepod


Cook the egg in egg ring in non stick skillet with cooking spray

Split and Toast the english muffin then spread with mayo.

Top with rocket and sliced avocado.

Place salmon on other half and top with cooked egg then sandwich together.