prep done for a healthy breakfast tomorrow  before a very early start. All cooked in non stick skillet with 1Tb  oil. I will just reheat in microwave 2min in the morning. 

Breakfast prep done


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Box meals 2018

I have been wanting to get back into paleo diet and this was a nice way to do it. It also helps me see what coloured vegetables I am having each day. More box meals will be coming in near future so stay tuned. I use disposable bento boxes to display food.

1x Pan fried Organic free range egg in non stick skillet, 2Tb cut red cabbage cooked in 1tsp tamari,1/2tsp garlic powder, 1tsp coconut oil/1tsp sesame oil and light pinch sea-salt, 1 handful bean sprouts cooked in previous sesame oil with sea-salt, 1tsp kimchi, 1/2 tsp sriarcha sauce w 1/4 cucumber cut into batons and cooked in the same sesame oil. *Meat free Meal

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Eggs: Organic Egg Herb Omelett

Straight out of the vegepod with some fresh herbs Basil, Mesclun and Chives from the pot. Love my vegepod. I have tomatoes growing at the moment that will be ready soon.

Organic Egg Herbed Omelette










Ingredients Serves 1

1 Organic Free Range Omelette

1 handful Basil from vegepod

1 handful chives from Pot

1 Handful of mesclun from vegepod

50g Smoked Tasmanian Salmon

2 drops literally coconut oil (just to coat the pan lightly)

Very Light pinch sea-salt and black pepper


To non stick skillet add the coconut oil and coat the pan with the oil (Clean your hands first then swish it around the pan)

Beat the egg then add to skillet

Tear the basil and chives to fit in the pan and scatter

Add sea-salt and pepper.

Cook on low until it starts to brown on bottom then flip

Serve with mesclun and roll the salmon and place on top of the mesclun