Breakfasts will be having more omelettes for a change of menu. So many good things to add to the organic  free range egg which is beaten with light pinch sea-salt and black pepper.

Mushroom Organic Free Range Egg Omelette with Red Kimchi and Vegepod Mixed leaves : Lettuce, Baby Spinach, Rocket

Prosciutto & Poached Egg

The other day i found a box of kitchen items I bought but hadn’t used so decided to use them. One was a egg poacher with bacon tray with slits for when the fat melts. It  microwaves the bacon and eggs in 3 minutes according to directions but i found it was done in 2 minutes.

Microwaved Proscuitto and poached organic free range eggs, rocket from vegepod, ginger kraut, avocado and maple syrup

Organic Egg Muffins

I use to make these way before it was popular with paleo and keto diets. Make a batch and keep in air tight container. Grab one or two for breakfast or snack or lunch or dinner. For paleo AIP use AIP Vegetables. 

Organic egg muffins











Ingredients serves 6 muffins

2 organic free range eggs

2tb lactose free milk (*can omit this for paleo and add a 3rd egg)

1/4 green shallot diced

1/8 organic carrot diced

1/8 red capsicum diced

2 organic button mushrooms diced

Light pinch seasalt and pepper


Preheat oven 180*c

Beat eggs and milk together and pour evenly into silicon moulds inserted into muffin trays (*or spray muffin tin with cooking spray)

Chop remaining ingredients into a medium dice. Then evenly distribute amongst muffins .

Bake 20 minutes (they are done when you wabble tray and no liquid can be seen)

*use whatrver vegetables or meat eg bacon, mince,  deli meat, you need to use up.

Breakfast vegepod rocket burger

Fresh from vegepod homegrown  rocket for a great breakfast start to the weekend.

Vegepod rocket, avocado, free range egg, mayo, smoked salmon on wholemeal English muffin












Ingredients serves 2

2 free range eggs

2 wholemeal English muffins

50g smoked salmon

1 avocado

1tb mayo

1 handful rocket fresh from vegepod


Cook the egg in egg ring in non stick skillet with cooking spray

Split and Toast the english muffin then spread with mayo.

Top with rocket and sliced avocado.

Place salmon on other half and top with cooked egg then sandwich together.

Breakfast : With Kimchi

Hubby still on vacation and had a lot of manual work to do today so I wanted to fuel him for the day. Todays breakfast fry up with kimchi was a nice full breakfast to keep me going until lunch time. Avocado is a good fat in small amounts along with the gut benefits of kimchi off to a great start. Fry in skillet with cooking spray, egg, tomato & Italian sausage with onion.

Breakfast fry up with kimchi

Breakfast: this weeks breakfast

This week I am making more effort to cook meals at home rather than eat out. Hubby is on holidays so its tempting to just go out and enjoy eating out but I am aware that I don’t know how meals are prepared and calories can increase as well as sodium if I am not careful which then has a adverse affect with my health issues. I came back from 3 day weekend with what I thought were healthy meals out to find a 3kg gain. 

Italian Sausages, Onion, Egg, Vegepod Tomato & Avocado

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