Lone Star Restaurant Shellharbour

Visit #2 : Hubby got told about Lone star all you can eat ribs and wings $29.95 Meal deal, so he surprised me with date night. The 1st plate was divine. There was a choice of sauces for the wings. The meal deal is when you finish the first plate they will then bring the 2nd one.


Plate #2: I couldn’t eat any of it, the ribs were all gristle no meat at all, masked with sauce which turned me completely off all of it. 2nd plate was a lot smaller than the 1st and less food offered. So value for $ not really, except plate 1.

Visit #1: This was the first time we had been here and it was great. A relatively quiet night being holidays we thought they would be busier. We had a nice quiet booth and it was actually good to be able to have a conversation without noise around. The food was good but very slow to arrive after drinks were given. Food was divine once it finally arrived although hubby’s salmon was very small meal compared to the ribs which was almost double in size and served on a larger platter style dish. This was the smaller ribs and I was totally full. There is no way I could of had the bigger one. We had to get a waitress to top up drinks. Overall it was a bit pricy with 2 mains & 2 drinks each for just under $90 without entrée or extras on the side. Hope to return some day for a special occasion.

Lone star Greedy Grunters ‘Meaty Pork’ Ribs served with your choice of Secretly Seasoned Chips, Sweet Potato or Baked Potato and Homemade Coleslaw. I had the Secretly Seasoned Chips and Homemade Coleslaw.

Lone star Big Ocean Bacon (Atlantic Salmon) Skin On – Pan Fried Medium Rare topped with Béarnaise – a Taste Sensation. Served with Your Choice of: Secretly Seasoned Chips, Sweet Potato or Baked Potato. Plus a Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad. Hubby had the Secretly Seasoned Chips