Foodworks :

photo of meals at my Pinterest board eating out

Foodworks where I live now do lunch meal deals. I can pick them up for $5.95 or if they have extra stock and need to clear they are in the fridges for $2.50. Very filling and great meals. I often get them now for weekend trips as its a quick reheat in microwave for 2 minutes and baked dinner is done. You get a either a quarter of bbq chicken or pork roast with roasted vegetables and gravy with peas.

Another Meal I get is also $6.95 serves 2 people is chicken enchiladas that you bake in oven. Serve with salad.

Roast pork with roast veg tray at Foodworks $6.99 does 2 serves for me. This was before they started the lunch time specials as above. They also sell the roast vegetables in containers for $2-3. BBQ chicken avail for $7.99 with loyalty card & after every 10th one you then get a free one.

Food works put ready made salads for customers which is a great grab to go meal when on the run. $7.95 normal price but can be reduced to $3.99 when needed to sell them. (See other posts for more salads)

Often I go to Foodworks supermarket and they have roast pork in packets with roast vegetables already cooked. They are a great time saver as they just reheat on a plate in microwave for 2minute on high. I add my own homemade mint sauce and steamed greens that are in season cooked in microwave for 4minutes on high. 

Roast pork & roast veg from foodworks  w homemade mint vinegarette using organic apple cider vinegar and mint from my herb pot. And steamed broccoli

Foodworks : Salads

Foodworks sell salads made in bowls for $5.95 packed full of fresh salad and dressings. I get 2 salads from 1 bowl for me.

The above photo is a cheese salad bowl with French Dressing
Below is ham Salad bowl with Soccerball ham and Italian dressing.

Foodworks Soccerball Ham Salad Bowl with Italian Dressing


Foodworks Cheese salad

Soul Origin Warrawong Grove

Soul Origin has just opened in Warrawong grove (use to be called Westfield)
They have a range of freshly made salads and rolls. These two cost $8.90 per roll for long roll which I got cut in half and toasted. Soul Origin BLT Schnitzel Roll : Bacon, Tomato. Lettuce, Schnitzel and Mayo.

Loyalty card gives a free small salad when you reach 5 and 10 purchases.

Beef Salad

Chicken Avocado Salad

Schnitzel Roll : Mixed leaves, Red Onion, Mayo and Schnitzel








Salad Bowl Meals

These meals are salad bowls I have bought either from bakeries, supermarkets or at train stations to eat on the go. They come complete with disposable cutlery. Very filling meals


Often I want a quick meal and don’t want to make it myself.
I have found these salad bowls to be a god send. I found them in Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and even some Bakeries. Continue reading