Menulog : Thai Basil Figtree

Home delivery from Menulog. It is the first time I used menulog for delivery. Ordering on their website then its delivered from the restaurant.


I am not sure what happens to the process with the Menulog website.
Every time I have ordered from different restaurants who are local within 10 minutes away the meals arrive cold.

Having said that though the Thai Basil Restaurant was one I haven’t ordered from before. So I got 2 entrée and 2 mains to try over a couple of nights. This is what arrived. yes cold but once reheated was nice.

Satay skewers are the normal satay you would expect from a Thai restaurant but I haven’t had 2 sauces before so this was something different in addition to the normal peanut sauce was a cucumber sauce.

The crying tiger beef was the normal taste I normally get from other restaurants.

I ordered Hoy Jo Entrée which wasn’t what I expected and rather soggy and oily when it arrived. It was suppose to be deep fried rice paper rolls with chicken mince, mushroom, prawn and crab meat with Thai potato served with sweet chili sauce.

Main I ordered a new dish I hadn’t tried before called Kao Man Gai Stir-fry. I was curious as I knew the Gai was Chicken but what I wasn’t expecting about 30g chicken if that and the rest was rice. It was suppose to be steamed chicken with garlic rice served with spicy soy bean paste sauce which was loaded with pepper which I presume was the spicy part. There was also a container with clear broth that I hadn’t ordered.