Recent trip to Katoomba we got McDonalds on the way to and from there. It was the Monopoly Tokens that we got a few off with each item. It was just on change from breakfast to lunch menu. We were able to order off the lunch menu.

Traveling back from Holidays we got McDonalds to end hubby’s birthday weekend as there wasn’t anything else open at the time we were travelling.

photos of meals at my Pinterest board eating out.

$iki $iki Kebab House Unanderra

$iki $iki Kebab House . This new kebab place opened up last year. It is the first time we have eaten here. We ordered takeaway. Great fast friendly service cooked while you wait. Hot and Delicious. Was a good kebab. They have meal deals available as well with hot chips and drink.

This time we didn’t get a meal deal just the kebab. They are open until late 11pm-1am depending on the day.

Another night we got the Meal Combo Deal $15 includes kebab, drink and small chips. Value for money and very filling . Late night feast. This time we had a different person serving and they added lots of meat and salad to the kebab.

Photos are at my Pinterest board eating out

Hungry Jacks

Hungry Jacks when travelling we sometimes stop and get the stunner meal deal which is $5.95-6.95 depending on if you get the chicken burger or beef one. It comes with small chips, drink, nuggets, ice-cream drumstick. Value for money but warning it is loaded with salt and is a sometimes treat. We have come home with sore throats the last time we ordered it so we wont be back in a hurry and its very high in calories.

Hungry Jacks is a fast food place we use to take kids when they were little for birthday parties. We haven’t been back for many years.

For us it was a quick visit as the calories consumed with the stunner meal were shockingly a whole days meal allowance in one meal. We went here again the other day on way home from being out all day.

We went to go inside to order and the queue was out the door. So we jumped back in the car and got drive through.

When we ordered we were told chicken stunner deals were a extra dollar so it was $6.10. So we paid the extra as we needed to get the food and continue our journey.

Time Before: Tonight we had a great meal, value for money and friendly service. The only downside was the amount of salt as it saturated everything. The stunner meal is $5.95 with burger, chips, nuggets, drink and mini drumstick for dessert. I couldn’t eat the dessert as I was full from the rest of it.

The Stanny Stanwell Tops

The Stanny is a fish and chip shop that took over where Ruby’s use to be at Stanwell Park.

We have been here a few times this year. In July they do their meals differently so I think they have new owners.  They offer burgers and pizzas as well now as seafood.

First time the queue to be served was out the door and half hour wait at lunch time. This time we were straight up to the counter no one else waiting to be served. We have ordered the $15 seafood basket on both occasions. They are big serves for 1 person (*I split them into 2 meals for myself).


KFC Family Meal Box is value for money 2 wraps, 2 burgers, 2 large chips, 6 nuggets, and small popcorn for $27.95 ( they ask what burgers and wraps you want but I have noticed if you get zingers for some of the wrap and burgers it was extra) This box does 2 meals for us. We get it occasionally when travelling on way home. Definitely a occasional meal as its a whole days worth of calories in one meal.

7 Mile Beach Kiosk

I went here for lunch on the way to my birthday weekend away for my 50th with girlfriends. This was the kids seafood basket. It was very filling. A little bit of a wait to get it but well worth it.  We took it down the road to a reserve that had picnic tables and had it under the tree.

Dominoes Pizza

We get home delivery very rarely as pizza no longer agrees with me. Sometimes we will order just 1/2 of one sort and 1/2 of another on the same pizza such as this one . Jalapeno and Godfather