Hartley Historic Village Cafe

We did a visit to this historic village and had lunch there. It is situated halfway between Katoomba and Lithgow. Well worth a visit if you love history. You can see all the old houses still standing and the court house and churches.

The café was the old post office and had a range of meals from sandwiches to burgers to full meals and drinks. We ordered and hubby got his cappuccino straight away but the meals didn’t arrive for a further 30minutes. The meals were ok but I have had much better from cafes whilst travelling. Upmarket prices for meals $14-20

Menu we ordered


Chicken Schnitzel burger salad and chips

Beef Burger and Chips


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The Paragon Cafe katoomba

Photos at my Pinterest board eating out

This lovely historical café that served the public for 100 yrs in the same family is now closed in Katoomba. There was a chocolate factory upstairs that made their own handmade chocolates. They had the original décor for years and artefact’s in a showroom out the back we didn’t get to see.

In May 2018 it closed it’s doors and the owners moved to Sydney.

We visited in November 2017 and were hoping to return a year later but found it was closed when we went to go back in sept for our wedding anniversary.

Dark chocolate assorted box $20 made on the premises.

lunch at the Café :

  • Paragon burger
  • Ruben sandwich

Altitude 1148 Cafe Bulli Tops

Altitude 1148 Café Southern Gateway Centre, Princes Highway Bulli Tops NSW 2516 02 42675443

Our 2nd visit this time we dine in at the café (there is also a ala carte restaurant next door)
Birthday Lunch. Didn’t disappoint although hubby got a different pide which was a little more in $7, than what he ordered which we couldn’t work out until we got home and looked up their menu to see why we were charged so much. But overall a lovely lunch and fantastic view.

Menu we chose :

  • Drinks :
    • Cappuccino
    • Ginger Beer
  • Mains
    • Seafood Basket-$35 Tempura prawns & fish, S&P squid, Tempura NZ Mussels, Cajun dusted baby octopus & soft shell crab with tartare sauce and lemon wedges served with side salad and chips
    • Garlic prawns, spinach and feta pide $22

Our First Visit here we stopped in to get some pre dinner munchies and ordered takeaway Nuggets and Chips. They were lovely and not soggy or oily.

photos are at my Pinterest board eating out

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Vivid Sydney 2018

We had relatives visit from Victoria to go to vivid with us. This year the light show wasn’t as good as they toned it down a lot. But the trip on manly ferry we got to see all the lights on the harbour. We stopped off at manly for dinner at the Steyne Hotel in Manly Corso. Meals were a bistro pub with a ringer when meals were ready. Window seat of the beach. Meals were $20 each and we opted for water bottles. Meals were large and value for money.


Steyne Hotel Manly Corso : Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Chicken Schnitzel Salad and chips

After Vivid lights we stopped off at the café in circular quay for some relief from the rain and had hot cappuccino and hot chocolate. The place was noisy and packed. We ordered and this was their menu. Very cute. The waitress got one of the orders incorrect but fixed it promptly without problems. This particular restaurant/café is open 24 hours and have been around since 1986. I actually recall going there the week they originally opened in early hours of the morning they were the only café around.


Menu at City Extra Restaurant in Circular Quay Sydney, Hot Chocolate

Zuki Cafe St Vincent’s Private

Zouki Café took over the Wintergarden Café at St Vincent’s Private in 2017. It has become a order salad bar or premade sandwiches, wraps, rolls. There is also takeout options. There isn’t the same options as before which was disappointing as they had a great reputation.

This is what I had on my latest visit. It wasn’t the same as previous but still filling enough to get me through the day.

I use to get a chicken avocado garden salad every year for past 11yrs until it changed hands. As they have a salad bar now I asked if it was available still. It wasn’t on menu but they made me one. So good.

However I ordered the same meal on a different day recently and this is what I was given so was a little bit taken back with the inconsistency but still charged same amount. I was told they didn’t have avocado available. It was still nice but not what I asked for. This is what I was given. They didn’t understand what it was I wanted and garden salad was just a pile of mixed leaves. I had to ask for the dressing as they didn’t give it to me at first


Zouki Café at St Vincent’s Private Darlinghurst : I have been going to this café when it use to be wintergarden café inside the private hospital.

About 3 yrs ago it changed to Zouki Café. Premade Rolls, Wraps, Sushi. Salad Bar to made to order. Coffee Counter. Less Fresh meals and variety than wintergarden café but still good food and quality and quantity is worth the $.

My friend and I ordered a Schnitzel Roll and they toasted it then gave it to us at the table. They had forgotten her coffee and when we had to ask it arrived not to what she ordered even though we showed the receipt to the waitress.

But overall they are fast service and good for the hungry patient between appointments. A bit pricey $48 for lunch with rolls and a drink each, and my friend got at yogurt takeaway and I got a sushi pack take away. (Sorry no photo).

I returned a week later with hubby for another appointment at the hospital late in the afternoon. We got some drinks and it was $5 for a large coffee and $3.50 for Ginger Ale.

Hubby and I returned a week later and got a Chicken Avocado Garden Salad, Apple Juice, Toasted Schnitzel Roll and Cappuccino for lunch $30.70.

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Dolphins Cafe Kiama

Dolphins Café Kiama located opposite the Presbyterian Church. Hubby and I went for a day drive to Kiama and had lunch at this little café. This was a less expensive find. Very quick service and we sat out on the footpath tables with deck umbrellas to shelter from the sun. Café is opposite the Presbyterian church at 38 Terralong Street that leads to the Kiama blowhole. Just near the overhead bridge where trains go. We only came to this one as the café we use to go to for the last 25 years was no longer on the strip and all the other new cafes were charging $20-$25 for lunch menus. So many new cafes now in Terralong Street. This one though has been there by the look of it for a while. Personally I probably wouldn’t go back to this one


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East Lynne Cafe NSW

East Lynne Café on the way to Pretty Beach was a roadside café with fuel stop. Homemade fresh pies and pastries and sweet dessert treats. I got the spinach and cheese pasties $6.50 and hubby had curried beef pie$6.50 and sausage roll $4.50 with large cappuccino $4.50. Great hot food and we stopped here on the way there and returned on a different day.

Spinach and Cheese pastie




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