Peacock Palace I ordered and picked up for Dinner. Chose from entree chicken skewers with satay sauce and dinner main garlic king prawn. They have a new look menu. Entree serve seems a lot smaller but main was full of king prawns. I got 4 serves from each dish. See below.

Peacock Palace


At home I added more Chinese stir-fry vegetables and rice and yum cha to make 2 extra meals for 2 serves There was enough satay sauce for a 2nd meal so I cooked more chicken and stir fry vegetables to make a 2nd serve.  Continue reading

Vietnamese Takeaway

Whilst getting my asian supply of groceries at my local asian store these meals were available supplied by a Cabramatta Vietnamese Restaurant Tan Hong Vuong that does takeaway dishes. A lovely salad with green papaya which I haven’t had before.

Vietnamese green papaya beef salad with peanuts, chili and dipping sauce



Balinese Spice Magic Wollongong

This one has been on my bucket list since they opened. I finally got there last night. for our 27th wedding anniversary dinner.  It was our first time here and I wasn’t disappointed with the authentic Balinese flavours.

Druid fluid homemade potions to energise and heal the spirit – BSM Cooler (ginger lemongrass honey lime & mint)









This was our first time at the restaurant for our wedding anniversary. We rang to get a table with in half a hour they returned the call and booked us in for half hr time. They are a busy restaurant so it was great to get a table. We tried the tasting platters for 1 serve which they call combination plate for 1 As we decided to share half of each they gave us side plates (*sharing plates) so we could get some of everything. They were really Nice and I personally loved the Vegan one more than the other combo one Staff were friendly, fast to take orders and mains were quick to arrive, the desserts took some time to arrive as they were busy with a party downstairs. The meal was delicious. Then manager topped up our water and was very friendly. We will definitely be back again.

We chose the Campur Tasting Plates one each. (Campur is the Balinese equivalent to a Japanese bento box or tasting plate)

They included

Combination Campur








Combination Campur:

Red steamed jasmine rice,

Tahu Basa Barak: ̚stir-fry tofu with chili, garlic and black mushrooms *GF, Medium

Kare Tempeh: Balinese Tempeh Curry contains candle nut, black mushrooms, veggies and coconut cream. *GF Mild

Perkedel Kentang: Potato Fritter with Balinese spices*GF

Urap: Steamed Vegetables with Spices and toasted coconut Contains candlenut *GF Mild

Sambal Matah: Sliced Shallots, Fresh lemongrass, chilies, kaffir lime leaves *GF , Raw, Spicy 6-7/10

Bitter nut crackers,

Sambel Surundeng: Spicy Coconut Sambal

Small Serve of Soto wong : Bali Inspired Mushroom Soup with bihon *GF/Vegan

Beef Rendang: Traditional Indonesian Beef Curry with candlenut slow cooked*GF Mild

Be Sisit Wayah: Shredded Chicken Stir-fry in Be Sisit Wayah Spice mix of Candlenut, Tumeric, galangal and lemongrass *GF

Be Gerang dan kacang: Fried anchovies with peanuts

Sate empol: pork satay spice in Be Sisit Wayah Spice Mix with candlenut, spiced pork mince, wrapped on sugar cane stick*GF

Soto Ayam: Bali inspired Chicken Soup with bihon*GF

Vegan Magic










Nasi Campur Vegan Magic combination Plate for 1 (at front of the photo) :

red steamed jasmine rice,

Tahu Basa Barak,

Kare Tempeh,

Perkedel Kentang,


Sambal Matah,

Bitter nut crackers,

Sambel Surundeng,

Small Serve of Soto wong


 Sticky Black Rice






 Pandan Pancake Roll

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Gasiinsamut Thai Fusion Katoomba

First time visited Katoomba thai restaurant on a Wednesday when not much else was open that was not fine dining restaurants. From the street it looked run down. It was a lovely  meal, friendly staff, quick service. We will definitely eat here again when we return to the area.

Menu we chose the following

  • Entrée: House Special Platter for two: Mixture of entrée; spring rolls, chicken satay, fish cakes and Peking duck rolls
  • Mains:
    • Crying Tiger
    • Jungle Curry Chicken – Spicy hot *We were asked if we like it hot or mild (For us it wasn’t hot)
  • Rice : Jasmine rice for 1 x 2 serves

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San Choi Figtree

Photos are at my Pinterest board eating out

Went in and ordered a picked up Chinese/Thai dinner. Ready in 15min but was cold by time I drove home (10 min drive) so reheated it oven.

Banquet #1 Thai
Choice of 2 entree’s:
Net spring rolls(6) with dipping sauce
Thai fish cakes (4) with dipping sauce
choice of 2 mains:
Jungle curry chicken
Garlic king prawns (I asked for the Chinese white garlic sauce as it has no soy but it still had soy in the dish)
1 boiled rice
1 large pack kroop ook (prawn crackers)
4 fortune cookies Continue reading

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Charming Thai Charmhaven Restaurant

Charming Thai Charmhaven Restaurant 159 Pacific Hwy, Charmhaven NSW 2263
We rang for a booking there were no vacancies for the night we wanted so we got takeaway and picked it up with a time we asked for. It was ready in esky and mildly warm. So as we were 10min away it was cold when we got to the accommodation we were at. So a quick reheat and it was fine. We ordered for 2 days so we didn’t have to cook.

Photos are at my Pinterest board eating out – central coast









Menu :

  • Entrée Takeaway – Chicken Satay (4)
    Strips of chicken breast on skewers grilled and served with our own special “Charming Thai” peanut sauce
  • Entrée Takeaway Goong Sawan (4)
    Crispy prawns, wrapped in shredded taro or potato served with a sweet plum dipping sauce


  • Som Tom (Thai Green Papaya Salad)
    Well-known popular cold traditional Thai papaya salad. Sliced green papaya & carrot mixed with traditional Thai Som Tom dressing, garlic, tomato, fresh chilli, fish sauce, lime juice, crushed peanuts, green bean.
  • Moo Yang
    Pork fillet marinated in pepper, garlic, coconut cream, soy sauce and coriander root. This Caramelized Thai grilled pork is served with a flavoursome spicy dipping sauce
  • Jungle Curry Prawns and Jasmine rice Large


Harbourview Unanderra

Over the last few years this lovely Thai restaurant has changed management a couple of times. Great food and cheap $12 lunches with a main and soft drink meal deal. They have dine in, takeaway and home delivery available. 10% discount on Tuesdays for takeaway with loyalty card

photos are at my Pinterest board eating out

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