Dessert shots:

These can be dessert, breakfast or snack cups. Layered desserts as listed. Shot glass disposal used served with plastic spoon. These shot glasses come with plastic lids.

1/ almonds, yogurt, frozen mixed berries, yogurt, chia seed

2/ walnut, yogurt, peach, yogurt

3/ macadamia, yogurt, fresh raspberries, yogurt, fresh raspberries, coconut

4/ chocolate mousse

5/ jelly shot

Dessert cups

Dessert Shot #5:quick lactose free cheesecake

Cheesecake shot Dessert is a treat I make  and this one has per shot glass;  15g crushed pecans as the base, the filling is 1Tb lactose free cream cheese,1Tb  lactose free yogurt, 1/4ts vanilla essence, 1/4ts raw sugar then mix it together until no lumps. Place pecan at the bottom of the shot glass and top with filling.  It can be served with or without fruit or lactose free cream. You could also option to add to the filling by adding lemon or lime juice and zest.

Dessert shot quick lactose free cheesecake

Dessert: Blinis: Sweet

Sweet blinis with lactose free cream cheese and berries with maple syrup

Serves 2

14 Sweet blinis

1/4 cup frozen berries & 1tsp maple syrup in saucepan to heat berries

Serve with 1tb lactose-free cream cheese and 1/2tsp icing sugar mixed together