Afternoon tea for 2

We had a share platter for afternoon tea today. Some might call it a nibble platter. This will keep us going until dinner 🍽.

Summer Share platter #1 cherries, seedless grapes, Cleavers hotdogs, paleo cafe cookbook tomato sauce, rice crackers, lactose free cheeses : Brie and organic, parsley from herb pot

Sriracha cabbage w cleavers hotdogs

a spicy dish to keep warm on the inside but ever so good.

Sriracha cabbage with cleavers hotdogs










The ingredients serves 2-3 as aside or on its own.

You could substitute prawns for the gf paleo hotdogs.

1 handful wombok,

2 cloves garlic diced,

1cm ginger diced,

1/2 onion diced,

2 green shallot sliced,

1Tb gf Tamari,

1tsp sesame oil,

1Tb sesame seed,

1Tb sriracha .



cut ingredients and place all in frypan/skillet and stir until cabbage is cooked.

Baked veg #1

One pot meals are easy to prepare just toss it all in together. But I have decided to do meat in separate dish.  I will be making more of these meals in coming weeks.

Serves 2 : 1tsp of each Tarragon, thyme, rosemary with 1 lemon juiced, 1Tb olive oil extra Virgin and 1Tb apple cider vinegar in a baking tray with cherry tomatoes, red onion, carrot, red capsicum, cauliflower, mushrooms.

Serve with cleavers lamb mint chipolatas baked in oven at same time as the vegetables 180*c for 20minutes. The juices from vegetable pan make the sauce for this one.

Steam some green beans 4min in microwave bowl

Photo prep before cooking stage.