Steamed Yum Cha in Microwave

Steamed Thai Spring Rolls & Samosa Triangles With Thai Oyster Sauce

Boiling hot 40*c and didn’t want to cook so put some yum cha in microwave steamer and cooked for 3 minutes then sprinkled with sauce.

Not necessarily the healthiest of dinners but it filled me up. 6 thai spring rolls, 5 triangles Continue reading

Steamed Dim Sim in Chicken Bone Broth

Steamed Mini Dim Sims in Slow Cooker Chicken Bone Broth

Steamed Dim Sims in homemade chicken bone broth leftover in microwave for 3 minutes and dinner was done.

The frozen dim sims were a $2 box of Coles home brand.

Slow Cooker Chicken Bone broth didn’t cost a lot see prev recipe to make your own.

Chinese: Pork In Plumb Sauce

Chinese : Pork in Plumb Sauce

Sometimes I get a little more lazy with cooking for 1.

I often make a batch with serves 4 meals so I don’t have to cook each night.

The reheat is as quick as 2minutes in microwave and meals can be frozen.

This is another meal I don’t batter or deep fry the pork like traditional Chinese pork in plumb sauce.

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