Chicken & Sundried Tomato Casserole

I came across this combination a few years back and decided to do it as I had ingredients to use up. Hubby loved it. I just did 2 chicken breast fillets into cubes, 1 pouch of sundried tomatoes with oil, 4 mushrooms sliced, and 1 handful of cheese on top. Place all ingredients after cutting into oven proof dish and bake 180*C for 25 minutes. Place 1 large beet cut into 6 and 2 purple carrots cut lengthwise into 3 then 1Tb balsamic Vinegar into 2nd dish and place in oven at same time to cook as chicken.

chicken & sundried tomato w mushroom and cheese casserole served with baked balsamic beets and purple carrot

One Pot Dinners : Herbed chicken

One pot dinners are quick as everything goes together in one pot and put in oven for 20-minutes until chicken is cooked through at 180*c  preheated oven. I decided to do sweet potato chips and 1/2 tin drained baby beets with 1tb balsamic and 1tsp oil. See recipe below.









Added straight cut chips to hubbys. 

Balsamic beets with olive oil baked in oven with chicken















Serves 2:

Mix 1tsp of each garlic salt, onion flakes, Tarragon, Thyme, Marjoram  then spread on chicken with 1Tb extra Virgin olive oil and 2x 150g chicken breast fillets.

Place beans in casserole dish then the herbed chicken and broccoli.

Bake in hot oven 180*c for 20minutes or until chicken is no longer pink.

Place a sliced small sweet potato thinly cut with mandolin cutter into discs on a lined baking tray for 10minutes to make sweet potato chips. *Keep eye on them so they don’t burn. turn cook for further 10minutes if not done.


Portuguese chicken

Pan fried Portuguese chicken, microwave chips

Dinner for one. Using up ingredients in freezer & fridge before starting new eating plan and grocery day. This Portuguese marinade was very spicy hot as it was leftover from a previous meal a couple of months back (Chili gets hotter in cold fridge)but expiry date hadn’t come yet. So it was still good to use.





Serves 1

I marinated chicken in Portuguese sauce overnight then pan fried it in olive oil. Cut into chunks and serve in rice bowl

I put frozen straight cut chips in microwave bowl and cooked in microwave for 2min 30 seconds


Make side salad of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with lemon squeezed over top.


Using up what is leftover this week as I don’t have to cook much as I still have some Pete Evans Ready Made Meals and his simmer sauce range left for dinners. So breakfast and lunches will be whatever is in fridge, pantry, freezer (see also box meals). My New Find last week was a kaleslaw kit from Coles which came complete with dressing and nuts/seeds and the slaw. Healthy low in salt meal kit. Add meat fish/seafood or poultry to it with 4 generous serves.


Cleaver honey beef Chipolatas with Coles Kaleslaw (Breakfast)


Bolognaise sauce

Hearty soup w chicken bone broth, fresh herbs

Portuguese chicken

Chinese : chicken in gluten free oyster

I made a basic white chinese sauce then added gluten free oyster sauce to the dish with leftover stir fry vegetables from breakfast. It is the same sauce I use for White Garlic Prawn Sauce with added coriander to it. To make Chinese brown sauce add Kepjap Manis to it

Chinese white sauce











Ingredients serves 3

1cup vegetable stock

1tsp arrowroot powder mix with 1ts warm water make slurry

1tsp ginger

1tsp garlic minced

1 green shallot sliced on diagonal

1/2tsp raw sugar

Light Pinch seasalt and white pepper


Mix all together in saucepsn until sauce thickens

Add 200g chicken breast cubes and 2cups stir fry vegetables with 1Tb gluten-free oyster sauce and stir until mixed through vegetables and chicken are cooked. Serve with cooked brown rice

Gluten free oyster sauce chicken stir-fry


Chinese homemade dinner: Chinese prawn toast baked not fried, mini spring rolls baked not fried, Chinese gluten-free oyster chicken stir fry with brown rice.


Honey Mustard Chicken

It’s not often I purchase sauce packets as I like to make my own. This one was on special at end of the year and still in used by date so I used it as I am in process of clearing out pantry items and freezer and fridge before doing more groceries which I do from time to time. it not only saves $ but clears out items with nearest used by dates.

Honey Mustard Sauce with Pan-fried Chicken & Steamed Veg

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