Honey Mustard Chicken

It’s not often I purchase sauce packets as I like to make my own. This one was on special at end of the year and still in used by date so I used it as I am in process of clearing out pantry items and freezer and fridge before doing more groceries which I do from time to time. it not only saves $ but clears out items with nearest used by dates.

Honey Mustard Sauce with Pan-fried Chicken & Steamed Veg

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Away for 4day weekend for a wedding on a tight budget at the moment as unexpected expenses cropped up 2 days before leaving so decided to make own meals as we were able to get accommodation  with a kitchenette.  So here are the meals.

Five tastes chili and basil chicken stir fry with vegetables and quinoa/brown rice with mineral water with lemon

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Panko garlic schnitzel

Cooking together this meal was great knowing the salad was all homegrown from the vegepod. We made our own schnitzels too and cooked them in coconut oil. It made a double batch of chicken schnitzels so we have another meal and less mess to make.

Panko garlic schnitzel w chips and vegepod salad

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Seasoned chicken salad

Pan fried chicken seasoned with sea-salt and pepper cooked in extra virgin olive oil with garden salad (iceberg lettuce, organic cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, organic carrot, mushrooms) and pickled ginger and seedless grapes

Seasoned chicken and garden salad

Udon Noodles

I love udon noodles but don’t have them often as I cant have a lot of carbs anymore. So this was a treat for me. This post will show different ways to use them. Often I serve them with Thai oyster sauce, chili, garlic, and sesame oil. This time I did a little different to use up ingredients in fridge and pantry. Tip : Thai Oyster Sauce is not as salty as Chinese oyster sauce and can be found at any Asian supermarket. Often Asian Sauces are a lot cheaper at the Asian supermarkets can be less than half price.

Hoisin & Garlic udon noodles

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Barb’s basil pesto

Using up pesto. See previous post under sauces for pesto recipe)

Dish made by hubby with 2 cups wholemeal spaghetti cooked in saucepan with boiling water while chicken cooked. 2 steamed chicken breasts cooked in microwave steamer (11minutes from frozen or 6minutes if unfrozen). When spaghetti is cooked (taste) then drain and mix through the 1/2  jar of pesto. Serve with the chicken.

Wholemeal spaghetti and chicken

For more pesto recipes see these posts

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Barb’s Basil Pesto Recipe

Steamed chicken dinner

Mum use to do a Sunday roast chicken dinner when I was living at home. It had mashed potato with gravy and seasonal vegetables. This to me is comfort food. I have done my own healthier version without roasting the chicken. It is steamed in microwave steamer as well as the vegetables

Steamed chicken dinner

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