Study Dinner for 20: Italian Night

I am on study dinner roster and we are in pairs to cater for the group each week.

We already have Lasagne (16 serves) with 2 loaves of Garlic Bread from my partner so I have added to it with these lovely pizzas.

10minutes to cook in oven and dinner is ready.

Italian Theme dinner tonight.

Often I will try to match what the other person is doing but it’s not always possible.

GF Pizza Dr Oetker










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Catering : 15yr Anniversary Dinner

I have been asked to cater for a 15yr anniversary dinner this weekend for approx 20 people. The brief was a stand up meal people can eat with their hands.

Prep 2 hours and Assembly took 1 hour to fill with 2 people.

rolls were heated in oven for 5minutes just befor serving time.

total actual event: 27 people cost $1.66/head

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Catering: 90th Bday Party for 20-25


Blinis for 20-25

I was asked to do the Savory part for a 90th birthday afternoon tea for 20-25 people.

All ages from babies to 90yr.

The event was held outdoors on foldup camping tables in a backyard with camping chairs and picnic rugs for a informal afternoon tea.

7 hrs work

Actual served 19 people

Total cost $8.40/ head



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Catering: Asian Salad for Pot Luck

Another church lunch. This can be served hot or cold. It will be mixed together just before serving.

Asian lemongrass chicken salad

Asian salad:wombok, red cabbage, shallot,celery, carrot, red capsicum, Dressing is Poonsin Vietnamese Dressing. (Photo before dressing and mixing)

Five Taste Thai lemongrass & kaffir lime Marinade,  lemon juice and zest, ginger, chili jam, chicken breast fillet