Lamb casserole

Using up gift basket pantry items to clear pantry. I used lamb casserole packet mix and added my own version of vegetables (organic tomatoes, carrot, yellow squash, broccoli and cleavers butterfly lamb) served with basmati rice

Lamb casserole cleavers lamb nightshade free vegetables

Meals this week

New meals this week

(I don’t usually buy jar sauces as i make my own) Chicken tonight honey mustard  sauce i was given in a hamper so I served it with 2 chicken breast fillet, 3 sliced mushroom, 1/4 red capsicum sliced and all put into casserole dish and baked 180*c fanforced oven for 20min then i served it with 1/3 cup per serve cooked steamed rice serves 4
Paleo chipolatas with mixed vegetables (1 onion, 2 stalks celery, 1 carrot, 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 eggplant, 1/4 red capsicum) and 1tsp dried Italian mixed herbs, 1tsp basil, 1tsp parsley, 1/2 tin salt reduced tomato soup (baked in casserole dish 180*c fanforced oven for 40minutes) and  served with whole meal spaghetti (cooked in microwave dish with hot water to cover pasta then cooked for 8min) serves 4. Can be made ahead for the week kept in fridge in sealed takeout containers then reheated on serving plates in microwave for 3minutes.Optional serve with parmesan cheese

Easy & Quick Casseroles

Easy Weeknight dinners that can be done ahead of time then just reheat and serve with or without garden salad . You can do 3 casseroles for the week and use half and rotate them or freeze the other half if there is 2 of you.

Meatball casserole












1/ Meatball Casserole Serves  4


500g meatballs – can be precooked first but doesn’t have to

1 jar Passatta

1 handful fresh basil torn (*use dry herbs if you cant get fresh)

1/2 Cup Lactose free cheese grated or slices

Optional: You can add other Italian herbs if you wish eg oregano or parsley with the basil


Preheat oven 180*C Fan-forced oven

Place meatballs in base of oven proof dish

Add jar of passata.

Tear in the basil leaves

Top with grated cheese.

Cook in oven for 30 minutes

Serve hot with garden salad

Chicken and bacon casserole











2/ Chicken & Bacon Casserole serves 4


4 Chicken thighs cubed or cut into strips

2 large stalks celery cut into large dice

1 onion diced

4 slices gluten free bacon diced

1Tb Garlic Powder

1 handful fresh curly parsley (*Use dry herbs if you cant get fresh)

2Tb Organic Mayo

2Tb Caesar Dressing

1Tb Aioli

1/3 cup Breadcrumbs

1/2 cup grated lactose free cheese


Precook the chicken in skillet for a quicker cook or leave it raw if you have a extra 15min

Cut ingredients all same size

then Mix all dressings (except breadcrumbs and cheese) together and place in oven proof dish

sprinkle over the breadcrumbs

top with cheese  and bake for 25 minutes (If chicken is precooked or 40min if raw chicken)

Serve on its own or with crusty rolls or toast

Chicken & Sundried Tomato Casserole

I came across this combination a few years back and decided to do it as I had ingredients to use up. Hubby loved it. I just did 2 chicken breast fillets into cubes, 1 pouch of sundried tomatoes with oil, 4 mushrooms sliced, and 1 handful of cheese on top. Place all ingredients after cutting into oven proof dish and bake 180*C for 25 minutes. Place 1 large beet cut into 6 and 2 purple carrots cut lengthwise into 3 then 1Tb balsamic Vinegar into 2nd dish and place in oven at same time to cook as chicken.

chicken & sundried tomato w mushroom and cheese casserole served with baked balsamic beets and purple carrot