Sunday meals

Organic free range egg, gluten free sausages, tomatoe, avocado and low carb toast

Slow cooker on low 4hrs Bulgogi beef and pork with vegepod tatsoi, garden fresh broccolini and coriander from herb pot, carrot and celery

Savory mince on toast

Weekend hot breakfast for cold morning.

Savory mince on toast

Serves 2

1 Onion,1 stalk celery, 1large carrot,  250g beef mince, 1tsp parsley, 1 minced garlic clove, 1tb worcestershire sauce, 1tb tomato sauce,1-2tb  water. Cooked in frypan with 1tsp olive oil and 1tsp butter until mince is cooked through scraping brown caramelized bits in pan and cartots just tender. Served on soy & lindseed toast

Proscuitto & Avocado Breakfast

A quick breakfast to get out the door. Plated up 3 slices Prosciutto, 1/2 avocado cut into 3rds, 1 handful mixed leaves with carrot, 1tsp Pickled ginger.

prosciutto, avocado, mixed leaves, pickled ginger

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Prosciutto & Poached Egg

The other day i found a box of kitchen items I bought but hadn’t used so decided to use them. One was a egg poacher with bacon tray with slits for when the fat melts. It  microwaves the bacon and eggs in 3 minutes according to directions but i found it was done in 2 minutes.

Microwaved Proscuitto and poached organic free range eggs, rocket from vegepod, ginger kraut, avocado and maple syrup

Paleo Week : Breakfast

This week I am trying to get back into paleo meals and Pete Evans Meals and Sauces have arrived so I will be incorporating them into the menu.

Wild Brew Fermenting Co Ginger Kraut and Pink Kimchi with Gluten free sausages


Pink Kimchi

Ginger Kraut

Red Kimchi













Cleavers honey beef chipolatas, red kimchi, organic free range egg, mushrooms, rocket from vegepod


Breakfasts: Hot

Autumn Breakfasts for cooler mornings at home with hubby. As the sausages were leftovers from camping they were already cooked on bbq campfire so the meal took 2minutes to prepare for both meals.

tin of spaghetti and sausages on soy & linseed toast











Snags with the works: 1  Free range egg,1  tomato, 3 mushroom, 2 gluten-free sausage, 1 soy & linseed toast, 1tb Salt reduced bbq sauce




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Breakfast vegepod rocket burger

Fresh from vegepod homegrown  rocket for a great breakfast start to the weekend.

Vegepod rocket, avocado, free range egg, mayo, smoked salmon on wholemeal English muffin












Ingredients serves 2

2 free range eggs

2 wholemeal English muffins

50g smoked salmon

1 avocado

1tb mayo

1 handful rocket fresh from vegepod


Cook the egg in egg ring in non stick skillet with cooking spray

Split and Toast the english muffin then spread with mayo.

Top with rocket and sliced avocado.

Place salmon on other half and top with cooked egg then sandwich together.