Breakfast box

Breakfast box for me is a larger meal than lunch. I have swapped them around.

Week 2 Breakfasts

Day 8 none Day 9 none Day 10 turkey bacon, free range egg,  tomato and mushroom with tomato sauce Day 11 fried rice with Bacon mushroom tomato chinese 5spice and leftover rice Day 12 (For Recipe See day 14 dinner) Chicken Thai Basil Chili Stir Fry Day 13 noodles tomato sauce Day 14 English muffin…

Recipes Week 2 Breakfasts

Recipe Serves 1 3 Slices Turkey bacon 1 Organic Egg 1/2 Tomato 2 Mushrooms 1 Tb Tomato Sauce Method Slice Mushrooms, Half the tomato if its whole. Keep the other half for another meal. In non stick skillet cook bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomato to your liking. I do mine until the egg is not…

Recipes Week 1: Breakfast

Runny Egg & Bacon Muffin. Ingredients Serves 1 1 Rasher Bacon 1 Free Range Egg 1 English Muffin 1tsp Salsa Method: I cooked the bacon and egg in non stick skillet (*Cook to your liking – I have my eggs runny) with coconut oil cooking spray. I split and toasted the English muffin and cooked…

Week 1 Breakfasts

Breakfasts for me are not the normal cereal and toast as I cant digest them first thing of the morning. I also have recently found if I have protein in the morning I go a lot longer during the day until lunch without needing snacks between meals.