Nachos with gluten free cc’s

This was a recipe from Australian Healthy Food Guide. I made this twice during the week.

The first time I added grass fed mince and used lactose free cream cheese instead of sour cream.

The 2nd time I didn’t add mince or creamy dressing.

AHFG Vegetarian nachos no sour cream
AHFG recipe Vegetarian nachos with jalapeño cream

Grass Fed Beef Mince #1 Base

Using Grass Fed Beef Mince for different meals . Out of 2x 500g packs of mince I got 4 meals. see recipes below. These are also paleo recipes that I revert back to. The shaxo xing cooking wine may not be paleo. I didn’t have any red wine which is usually in the recipe. It is also the base for bolognaise sauce.

Grass Fed Beef Mince #1


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