Grass Fed Beef Mince #1 Base

Using Grass Fed Beef Mince for different meals . Out of 2x 500g packs of mince I got 4 meals. see recipes below. These are also paleo recipes that I revert back to. The shaxo xing cooking wine may not be paleo. I didn’t have any red wine which is usually in the recipe. It is also the base for bolognaise sauce.

Grass Fed Beef Mince #1


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Bean Salads: #1 & #2

Bean salads are substitutes for meat for me and a great filler. Can be used with other meats, fish, prawns, poultry or on its own as a stand alone salad. Great if you have to take a dish to friends and its a little different than the normal salad that everyone brings. I have since found organic bean tins and tins with salt reduced. I always rinse the beans before using so it doesn’t have the brine they are preserved in.

Bean salad #1

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New Years Day Breakfast

I use to watch cooking shows and they had this combo for breakfast. Here is my version. Great filling breakfast to keep you going until lunch time. A nice combination of flavours. This is one hubby liked and it was enough to fill him up for the morning without needing snacks between to get him through until lunch.

Mac n Cheese, Baked Beans, Gluten Free Sausages

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